View Full Version : Red Fury and allocating attacks

17-01-2012, 20:46
This came up in a recent game a vampire with the red fury attacks a unit with a character in it. The vampire allocates all attacks into the unit wiping them out. generating 4 additional attacks do to red fury. Are the attacks lost as they where directed into the unit or can the new attacks be redirected into the character. Cant find anything in the brb about extra attacks and the ability to attack a second target. All that I saw was when attacking a unit before rolling to hit you must allocated your attacks to either the unit or character or divide between both. Any thought or opinions would be appreciated.

17-01-2012, 21:05
You can divide your CC attacks up against any eligible models you want. As such your new attacks can be put on whatever models are still eligible to fight (aka the lone remaining character).

17-01-2012, 21:11
A character can split up his attacks however he likes between all the units in base contact with him, including red fury attacks.