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18-01-2012, 12:09
A thing that I came to think about regarding terror tests and charges, in which order things are carries out.

Imagine a terror causing monster and say two warmachines. The monster declares a charge against one of the warmachines which takes a terror test. The Warmachine can only choose to hold, right, otherwise when is the charge reaction declared, before or after the terror test? If the warmachine fails the test, they break and is removed from combat according to the BRB, is this correct? Then the monster can choose to redirect the charge against the other warmachine, which also takes a terror test. If this warmachine breaks as well, the Monster is stranded out in the field, or does he have to move as in a failed charge? Also, the second warmachine has to take a panic test if the first one breaks (is destroyed) (they are within 6") When is this carried out, before or after the terror test. If the test is failed, the crew hides behind the warmachine according to the rules, the do not break. Has this got any consequence with regards to the terror test, can the unit first fail a panic test, and the break from a failed terror test?

Summary, how would you carry out the different actions, in which order?

18-01-2012, 12:35
Warmachines do not break and flee due to panic.
BRB p110. The crew just hides behind the warmachine and may not shoot on the next turn.

18-01-2012, 12:40
Yes, I wrote that, but they should break from terror right, terror test is not a panic test.

18-01-2012, 13:09
Terror does cause a panic test.

18-01-2012, 13:10
Yes, I wrote that, but they should break from terror right, terror test is not a panic test.

Terror is a panic test. Can't quote the page number, but a local dwarf player informed me of this when my wraiths charged his Longbeards.
Poorly worded rule? Perhaps, but true.

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18-01-2012, 13:44
It's on page 78 of the BRB under the Terror Special rule. As the others have said, Terror causes a panic test and war machines do not run from panic tests.