View Full Version : Is this 1K Vampire list any good/legal?

18-01-2012, 13:36
I am a complete novice when it comes to fantasy and vampire counts.
I do however love the models and have bought a few over the years.
this is the start of a modest 1K list and I just want to know if its even legal
I will pick out magic item and such later for now just want to know if i have enough minis

master necromancer on foot
250 points

155 points

20 skeletons FC
30 zombies FC
10 ghouls-ghast
325 points

corps cart unholy load stone
3 varghiests
270 points

this comes out to about 1000 points
Is it legal?
is it crap?
any suggestions on wargear for the lord and hero?

18-01-2012, 14:00
As far i can see this list is legal, but I haven't the 8th book yet. Please check if a lord choise in 1k is allowed, mostly I play 2K or 3K, so I don't know for sure. But you have the right % core and special specs :) You have also enough core troops for a 1300 army. So a few spirit hosts or a terrorgheist (rare choise without a lord on it can be very nice in future:)

18-01-2012, 14:06
Wargear is very personal choise, it's also depend which armies you will fight against:) For the vampire I like a ogre blade and vampire powers like red fury and quick-blood. For the master necromancer I like to take Staff of Damnation. I'm sure you will get more advise soon from people :)

18-01-2012, 19:34
i think its pretty good. you could even drop the zombies and add a wraith character for the etheral, or add some wolves for warmachine hunting/re directing....overall i think its pretty good . or be really mean and drop vargheists and add the terror ghiest, in this small size game, he will eat lots of stuff