View Full Version : Flaming Attacks in a Challenge

18-01-2012, 19:15
Does a hit from a flaming attack in a challenge confer the flaming effects to the entire unit?

Example: Khorne Herald with Flaming Sword wounds Chaos Troll Special Character in a challenge, causing 2 wounds and negating his regeneration.

It is my opinion that the flaming attack should affect the entire troll unit because, even though he is in a challenge, he is still in (attached to) the unit.

18-01-2012, 19:29
I would argue no, because the attacks are directed at the character and not the unit. It would probably come down to the "Most Important Rule" on side of page 2.

18-01-2012, 19:34
Challenges don't remove the models from the units so hits from them count towards the unit (ie...Trolls would lose Regen due to the flaming attacks).

Just remember that challenges are not fought before the rest of the unit's fight, everything happens at initiative step even though most players will play the challenge first. This can make a huge difference if the flaming sword happens to be a Great Weapon(ASL).

19-01-2012, 13:11
Yes. As the book states, units consist of "1 or more models..." so, when a character has joined a unit, he becomes part of that unit. If you smack a character with a flaming weapon, whether that character has regen or not, the unit he is with will not benefit from regen for the rest of that turn after that initiative step.