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19-01-2012, 10:33
TK Chariots have d3 or d6 impact hits for each?

The Clairvoyant
19-01-2012, 10:35

extra letters

19-01-2012, 12:57
Then when your 3x2 chariots including a prince smash into 4 mournfang cavalry to get a mountain of Str 5 impact hits and roll 1,1,1 you think "hmmmmm that didn't work out quite as expected!"

Such are the vagaries of charging a whole 13 inches, they were obviously a little tired after all that distance!

22-01-2012, 19:16
I know this topic has been flogged to death, but why is it that characters on chariots only get a +1 save to their armour. While I understand that it's common to use the ridden monsters rules, however the rule book says:

"If a character has taken a chariot as a mount, the whole model is treated as having the troop type 'chariot' and follows all the rules for both characters and chariot models..."

"A chariot mount otherwise follows all the rules for ridden monsters..."

On a plain reading I'd assume that one should use the chariot rules for all matters, except for rules those that aren't included in it. So since chariots have rules regarding armour save, why wouldn't you use those. Additionally, the chariot rules indicate that the chariot's full armour save would be added to the character's:

"Chariots have a fixed armour save, as detailed in their army list entry. Such an armour save takes into account the hardiness of the chariot, the armour worn by the crew and any barding on the mounts (but barding still slows the model down)." (p.86)

Naturally this can be interpreted in two ways: either the character may replace his own armour save for the chariot's (whichever is better), or as I believe it adds to the character's model. For the first of these to be true, we would have to assume that the character and 'the crew' have the same armour save, which isn't always true. The second option is better because it assumes that the chariot model has its own armour save, and so does the character and would be added to the character's save in the same way a barded horse's would.

This idea is supported by the recently published army books. Why else would the armour save for chariots be listed under the character mounts section (ex. TK p.89), where every other option refers to rules for specific types of mount? If it doesn't affect the character's armour, then shouldn't it refer the reader to the ridden monster's section and why bother to list the chariot's save at all?. Yet, both of these are in every army book and have not been removed in the errata or corrected in the faq (correct me if I'm wrong).

If you can refer me to an official comment on this please do so.
Otherwise, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.