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19-01-2012, 12:20
Warp lighening cannon and jezzails.
Are they worth including in all rounders list. ( slightly aimed toward shooting?)

For the WLC it seems ok for its points. Sure it is not a HPA, but we have gentelmens agreement not to use it. In theory should thin down hordes nicely. I plan to include 2 for this purpose.

For jezzails. I admit i just like the model, and the background for them, but with massed infrantry everywere, they seem almost redundant. Is it worth to inlude them for occasional monster and cavalry hunting?

19-01-2012, 12:26
For the WLC it seems ok for its points.

A cannon which hits a model from each rank on it's bounce, ends in a small template, causes D3 wounds, and has the potential to be Strength 10 is "ok"?

I'd say it's better than ok!

19-01-2012, 12:26
I don't use Jezzails, as for monster/knight hunting, I rely heavily on my WLC and PWM. Also, I play a pure Skyre list, so no HPA for me anyways.

19-01-2012, 12:31
I love my WLC's... sure there's the occasional occurrence where it'll spin randomly, aim directly at something vitally important to your battleplan and smite it with style, but the combination cannon/template is great - particularly with the new model, even at the lowest height it can see handily over the heads of our troops.

Jezzails, less so - good can-openers, but dropping 100-200 points for a unit that might hit enough times to cause a monster or knight unit some consternation over a couple of turns.. just not worth it compared to a pair of WLC's that can do the job as well and still be effective when there isn't a big gribbly around.

Grey Seer
20-01-2012, 15:20
I have experimented from time to time. They do not tend to make up their points in kills. However, if you drop a biggish unit in the middle of the table right off the bat, opponents will hide their big units (calvary, monsters) on the flanks. So jezzails can be useful for deterence value.

20-01-2012, 16:22
I just wish Jezzails were cheaper to buy (both in points and ).

3 shots at BS3 for 60 points is just staggeringly bad; you'll need more to make it worthwhile fielding them - it doesn't matter if its S6 & armour piercing if the shot misses.

2 groups of 6 would set you back 240 points and *ahem* 120!

20-01-2012, 20:12
Jezzails are still solid choices if you know your opponent is obsessed with heavy cavalry and small elite units. I have one such friend and Jezzails never fail to whittle his knightstar block down before contact. Combined with WLCs they can do enough damage to get rid of LOS rolls for the characters in the knightstars making those 2nd or 3rd turn shots even deadlier. Get that knightstar in combat with a fat block of Slaves and you can keep the party going. Just remember to keep them near your general for Ld7!

Overall WLCs are superior but the one distinct advantage Jezzails have over them is reliability; the Jezzail rifle is a shockingly reliable weapon for a Skyre invention. In contrast WLCs are known to misfire at the worst possible moment and, as with cannons, can over/undershoot the target or misfire on the bounce...

Looking forward Jezzails are badly in need of a price drop or a BS boost because right now they're highly situational units that are simply not cost effective versus the average 8th ed list. Now if they were BS4 then I'd say they're probably worth the points, even with their 1W and crap Ld5. BS4 S6 AP magic warpstone bullets at 36" would be pretty damn impressive.

I get the feeling when Skaven get nerfed in their 8th/9th ed army book their Jezzails will get adjusted accordingly... for the better. Would be awesome to be able to upgrade the champion to a sniper too. I'll also bet GW will make brand spanking new finecast or plastic model kits for them because the pre-monkeyrat metal sculpts are getting really long in the tooth.

20-01-2012, 21:11
WLC = awesome- they cost what other races pay for stone throwers, but they are also a cannon which you pretty much get for free- not to mention that they cost the same as some other races cannons-

Jezzails were awesome in 7th, they are way overpriced in 8th

21-01-2012, 16:20
My friend, the WLC does d6 wounds ;) its a mean ****************!

21-01-2012, 20:47
Thanks for te answer.
They pretty much confirm my views.