View Full Version : Squig herds - going wild without squigs?

20-01-2012, 15:15
Hi, a quick question:

If a squig herd that has no squigs left in it breaks from combat, will the "squigs go wild" rule still apply?

A squig herd might lose all its squigs from close combat attacks and break. Or, more interestingly it could lose them from shooting and If this unit then broke from a combat in a later turn would the squigs go wild still occur?

This opens up the possibility of fielding squig units with 1 squig 9 goblins and using them much like fanatics. I dont know how useful or clever that would be, but it was just a thought that crossed my mind.

There's nothing in the FAQ or the Orc and Goblin rule book, that I can see, that says the squigs go wild rule doesn't work if there are only goblins left.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


20-01-2012, 15:56
By RAW, Yes, if theres is no squigs left and the unit breaks, the Squigs go wild rule applys. The only min is thier must be 10+ in size and have 1 NG per 3 squigs.

Would I play it that way... no..

20-01-2012, 16:07
"if the unit flees... the squigs go wild [explanation of how to resolve squigs going wild]"

Pretty clear to me the unit needs to contain squigs for the go wild rule to kick in.

20-01-2012, 16:33
Besides...why using them 1 Squig+9 Herders when you could use 30 Squigs+10/20 Herders? The havoc they can wreak is awesome, and they still go boom should they be destroyed!