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20-01-2012, 23:24
So i am torn and need some help deciding on an army it will decide how i put together the bllod coven/engine kit

Option 1 2400

Vamp lord on foot, red fury, sword of striking, level 4, lore of vamps, iron curse icon, enchanted shield, talisman of pres, heavy armour.

Necromancer lvl 1 dispel scroll, lore of vamps
Necromancer lvl 1, book of arkan,lore of vamps
Necromancer lvl 1
Cairn wraith

38 skeletons, hw/s, fc, banner of eternal flame, with vamp lord.
32 zombies with command, with necromancer or 2
40 skeletons, fc, spears, screaming banner

24 grave guard, fc, hw/s, with waith
5 hexwraiths

Mortia engine with blasphemous tome
3 cairn wraiths

Option 2 2400

Master necromancer, lvl 4, lore vamps, talisman of presevation, book of arkan, iron curse icon

Vampire, red fury, armour of destiny, blood coven, lvl 1, lore of vamps, shield.
Necromancer dispel scroll
Cairn wraith

34 zombies, command
40 skeletons, fc, hw/s, banner of eternal flame, with waith
40 skeletons, fc, spears, screaming banner

5 hexwraiths
Spirit host
25 grave guard, fc, hw/s

4 wraiths

I really like both armies. I think the 1st is likely to be more powerful but the blood coven can kick out 4 s5 asf from hand maidens, d6 s5 impact then up to 8 further s5 from the vamp....

However mortis engine makes my lvl1s basially level 3, allow IoN on 1 dice.

21-01-2012, 00:00
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