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21-01-2012, 15:10
So the initial, and rather optimistic plan for this thread is to record my Games Workshop battles throughout the year. I spend far too much time lurking on forums, thinking about armies and writing lists, but barely enough time painting and playing. So, one of a multitude of New Year’s resolutions was to play two battles each month. By way of extra encouragement, I thought I should try to report them to you delightful inter-webbers, for encouragement and advice.

I’m currently pretty obsessed with Warhammer, and always enjoy games using the eighth edition rules, so I thought I’d best start things off in the fantasy thread. With the potential advent of 6th Ed 40K though, may head may get turned, so I apologize if my reports (assuming I achieve my goal) are stretched between forums!

My main Warhammer army is Dark Elves. I picked them up a year and a half ago I think. I started a project log way back when they began, but my photographs were generally poor quality, so I got a little disheartened by it. Maybe I’ll pick it up if this thread develops. I mostly play against a Lizardman opponent, but I’m visiting my local GW a little more to try and get some variety in my games. I’m hoping that by playing different games and writing reports I’ll begin to develop some background for my army, and build up its character. I’ve been following Jackdaw’s Dark elf plog of late, and I’m hugely impressed by both his painting and his desire to create a background for his army: if I can get anywhere near his standard I’ll be pretty pleased!

My army represents The Wardens of Nauglir Crevasse, a deep mountainous chasm in the mountains and forests at the north-eastern borders of Naggaroth. This remote region, east of the Black Pillar, is infested with Cold One packs, ferocious beasts, and wanderers from the Chaos wastes. My force is based in one of the great northern watch towers, which overlooks the Crevasse. Isolated from rule of Naggarond, and the influence of the sorcerer’s coven of Ghrond, the insidious cult of pleasure has begun to take hold of the tower’s guard. The sorceresses of the tower, lead by their Mistress, Kallothai the Harpy, frequently summon daemonettes in vain attempts to expand their knowledge of the dark arts. While all are ultimately banished, their have been a number instances where the daemons possess the coven’s handmaidens, who subsequently spread the word of Slaansh thoughts though the tower’s populance. The High Warden of Nauglir Crevasse, Haldriakh Slaansbane, has long been controlled by the coven. A great warrior and peerless hunter, Haldriakh and his chosen retainers frequently lead raids to slay or capture the most terrifying creatures to roam the world.

My first report follows!

21-01-2012, 15:20
Battle 1 – 1500 points Vs. Warriors of Chaos
A raiding tribe of northmen descend upon Nauglir Crevasse.

The Wardens of Nauglir Crevasse

Sorceress – Kallothai the Harpy

Level two with Tome of Furion

Spells – Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma, The Withering, Okkamn’s Mind Razor, Power of Darkness
Master – Haldariakh Slaansbane

BSB, Heavy armour, Shield, Whip of Might, Pendant of Kahleth.
29 Warriors

Shields and full command
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
20 Corsairs

Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard
6 Harpies
5 Cold One Knights – Haldariak’s Retainers

Full command, Potion of Foolhardiness, Banner of Eternal Flame
Cold One Chariot
5 Shades

Additional hand weapons
War Hydra

Warriors of Choas army – This army was thrown together in 15 minutes, by a very sporting opponent!

Exalted Champion

Mark of Tzeentch, Talisman of preservation, Chaos Armour

Lvl 2, Mark of Tzeentch, Scream attack, Eye allowing the use of my sorceress’ spells if he could see me.

Spells – Flickering Fire, and Gateway.
21 Warriors of Tzeentch

Hand weapon and shield with full command.
9 Khornate Orges of Chaos

Full command
Chaos Giant

Mark of Slaanesh

We fought a pitched battle, with the deployment shown in the attached image. The grey squares are three watch towers, the rectangle a ruined building and green circles the trees in a wild wood.


Turn 1 – The Chaos army advanced directly ahead, taking up positions either side of the northern-most watch tower. The Giant moved to the east, positioning itself on the flank of the dark elf army. The sorcerer attempted to open a chaotic gateway in the midst of the distant Cold One Knights, but the winds of magic were against him.
The elves responded by reforming their battle line. The Cold One Knights moved east, passing behind the ruined building and aligning themselves to charge the Giant’s flank. The corsairs advanced slightly ahead of the warriors, placing the ruin between themselves and the flanking Giant, while the chariot advanced on the Warrior’s opposite flank. The crossbow elves advanced into the southern-most tower, led by Kallothai, taking up firing positions on its roof. On the left flank the Hydra advanced level with the tower, while the harpies, scenting blood swept towards the Khornate ogres. They turned sharply at the last minute when they saw the formidable size of their prey. To their further dismay the wood itself sprang to life, plucking one of their number from the skies. Kallothai tried to sap the resilience from the approaching Ogres, but was thwarted by her opponent; however she successfully impeded the movement of the Tzeentchian warriors. The Dark elf crossbowmen launched a volley into the ogres, wounding one of the beasts.

Turn 2 – The ogres, angered by the screaming mockery of the harpies, charged straight towards them. As they crashed through the wood towards their target the lumbering beasts were turned towards the west, exposing their flank to the elven army. The harpies swept down upon the wounded ogre, finishing it off with their sharp talons before being butchered by the frenzied beasts. The furious Ogres charged on through the forest, exposing their flank the looming hydra. On the opposite flank the giant saw movement in the corner of his eye, turned and charged head-long into the Knights. The Giant, blessed with unnerving speed by the Chaos gods, plucked a Knight from his steed, and chomped him down. Despite this set back, the knights fought on, wounding the Giant and winning the combat.

The elven response was limited. The isolated shades left their tower, and the sorceress moved behind her tower, out of sight of her rival magician. With a fearsome roar the Hydra charged head long into the ogre flank, aided by the sorceress who sapped the ogres skill and speed. In a brutal display of power the Hydra slew three ogres, and suffered no damage in reply. As the ogres fled from the beast the hydra fed on the corpses of their comrade, and failed to run them down. The knights wounded the Giant once more, but remained locked in combat.

Turn 3 - The Chaos warriors, backed away from the dark elf battle line, moving behind the northern tower in an apparent act of cowardice. However, as the four remaining ogres turned to face the lumbering hydra, they let out howls of victory as the chaos sorcerer launched an unstoppable ball of flickering fire at the beast from the midst of the repositioned warriors. The flame engulfed the hydra, which collapsed dead in a fetid mass of burning flesh (irresistible force, with 7 S7 hits…). The magical feedback sapped the sorcerer’s power, draining half of his power for the rest of the battle. On the opposite flank the Giant bellowed at its arrogant opponents, but the knights held on in the face of the beast.

With the demise of the hydra, and retreat of the Warriors the elves were forced to respond. The entire battle line marched forwards, the chariot turning towards the distant Ogres. Kallothai once again sapped their speed, before enhancing the fighting skills of the corsair unit, the most likely recipient of a chaos charge. Volleys of crossbow fire poured into the Chaos warriors, felling one of their number, while the shades fired ineffectually at the ogres. The Cold One knights grinned in pleasure as the killing blow was delivered to their gigantic opponent. However their victory was short lived, as the massive beast collapsed on top of them, slaying two of the sneering aristocrats.

Turn 4 – The Ogres advanced towards the Chariot at a pitiful rate, while the Chaos Warriors moved to occupy the northern tower. The Ogre’s impediment quickly turned to their advantage, as the charge of the elven spearmen quickly petered out. The ogres locked their gut-plates together, leaving the chariot to bounce harmlessly off their defensive wall. The crew, finding themselves isolated against the glutonous chaos beasts, also failed to breach the formidable wall of iron and blubber, leaving the combat locked in stalemate. Meanwhile to Kallothai reinforced the Corsair’s fighting prowess once more, suffering a wound for her efforts. The elevn pirates charged into the tower. The bloody battle that followed saw their leader crushed by the Choas leader in one-one one combat, however his death allowed the corsairs to slay eight of their opponents, before being forced from the tower.

Aftermath - Sadly at this point we ran out of time, and had to call the game. I had a slender lead in victory points but the game was clearly a draw. If my chariot could survive another round of combat I think my warriors and Haldariakh would have tipped the combat in my favour, hopefully finishing off the ogres. I wasn’t planning on charging the warriors in the tower again, as I think I’d need static combat resolution to beat them as long as the Exhalted hero was alive.

All in all, I really enjoyed the game, both sides had some good magic phases, and some excellent moments. This was the first time I’d used my hydra, and I saw the best and worst of it in side the space of a turn! Awesome fun, and a nice game to start my year.

Comments welcome guys,


21-01-2012, 20:33
Awesome. Keep it up.

29-01-2012, 12:31
Thanks for taking the time to post sexiest_hero, I’m glad you liked my first report! I hope all the other viewer’s enjoyed it too. Please do let me know your thoughts!

Also, stop-by my painting log, which I’m starting to update with pictures of my Dark Elf force. I’d love some comments!

Now time for my second battle of the year, this time against the might of the Ogre Kingdoms.

1500 point Pitched Battle - Dark Elves Vs. Frost Ogres

Having narrowly repelled a Chaos incursion, The Wardens of Nauglir Crevasse now face a rampaging band of Frost Ogres, who have come down from the mountains of Naggaroth to feed…

The Wardens of Nauglir Crevasse
The same army as before, this time lead by Kallothai’s apprentice, Morgan. Her spells included The Power of Darkness, The Whithering, The Pit of Shades and Enfeebling Foe.

Frost Ogres
Lvl 3 Slaughtermaster, with Bone Crusher, and some other spells.
Lvl 2 Firebelly – dispel scroll, with Fireball and Bolts of Burning
Hunter – Hunting Spear, Greedy Fist
8 Iron Guts – Full Command
3 Mournfangs – Standard and Musician, Iron Fists
3 Yhettees
3 Sabretusks
1 Sabretusk (*3) – In hindsight he had one too many of these!

Deployment is shown in the attached image.


Turn 1
The Ogres had the first turn. On the right flank the Yhettees and Mournfangs surged forward, to the limit of their charge range. A lone Sabretusk took up position between them. In the centre, the Hunter retreated from his advanced position behind the tower, along with his Feline companions. They lurked outside the Dark Elf line of fire, along with the Ironguts and Slaughtermaster. The Firebelly advanced into the central tower, to take advantage of the view of the elven lines. He launched an initially unopposed magical assault on the Dark Elf Warriors, but once four had fallen, Morgan, Kallothai’s apprentice, intervened, preventing the loss of further troops.

The Dark Elf response was initially cautious. The Corsairs, Hydra and Warriors all backed away from the advancing Mournfangs, delaying their charge. The Chariot and Harpies however advanced, positioning themselves in front of the tower, and facing the right flank. The Cold-one Knights advanced behind the ruined tower, threatening the flank of the Irongut advance. Morgan showed her inexperience in the magic phase, failing to summon the power to open a pit of shades beneath the advancing Yhettees. In the shooting phase the reaper crossbows had few targets- both the shades and crossbow elves fired upon the Firebelly in the central tower, inflicting a single wound on the volcano-worshipping sorcerer.

Turn 2
The ogres unexpectedly responded to the Dark Elven caution, by repaying them in kind. The Mournfangs and Yhetees edged forward, not risking a marched advance, while the Sabretusk moved into a position before the chariot. The Firbelly left the tower, which was then re-occupied by the hunter and his feline companions. The Ironguts similarly edged forward, so that the Slaughtermaster had the Cold-one Knights in his sights. The winds of magic blew weak, but the Slaughtermaster summoned the power to cast Bone Breaker (with a 12) which Morgan failed to dispel (needing a double 6 on her only two dispel dice). With a sickening series of crunching sounds the Knight’s bones were shattered, and their threat neutralised.
The dark elf response was tame. Though the Harpies charged the lone sabre tusk, there was little other action. Morgan, was on the cusp of opening a shadowy pit beneath the feet of the Ironguts, but her spell was nullified by the Firebelly’s dispel scroll. The Dark elf crossbow fire wounded the Ironguts, though it was scant consolation. The swooping harpies defeated the sabre tusk in combat (my first every combat win for the harpies I believe!), running down the fleeing beast. They were now sitting nicely in front of the Mournfang unit.

Turn 3
The Yhettees and Mournfangs both began to charge the Harpies, who fled swiftly from the giant Feline cavalry. Unfortunately they were run down by the Yhettees, but both Ogre units were now nicely within charge range of the Dark Elf lines: a worthwhile sacrifice indeed. Meanwhile the hunter deserted the tower, and Ironguts reformed and began to move towards the battlefield’s right, behind the tower. The Firebelly managed to kill a few corsairs with a fireball, but Morgan allowed them to die to ensure the hydra’s protection.

It was now that the Dark Elves released their attack. The chariot began to charge the flank of the Yhettees , but the hairy brutes began to flee, right across no-man’s land. Slightly non-plussed the Chariot’s crew redirected towards the Mournfang’s flank. As the Corsairs began their own, somewhat optimistic charge towards the Mournfangs, the monstrous cavalry turned tail and fled. This left both Elven units stranded, marvelling at their own ferocity! The Hydra handlers, robbed of their challenging target, charged down the fleeing Yhettes, to give their beast a quick feed. Finally the Regiment of Spear elves, led by the impetuous Morgan, threw themselves towards the hunter and his pack. They too fled from the elves, narrowly avoiding their chasing spear tips. (Note: I rolled 11 for a 16 inch pursuit, but the hunter’s 12” just surpassed me. The hunter should have fled through the building though, taking a dangerous terrain test, and then catapulting his unit right through the Ironguts. Unfortunately we played this wrong in game… the hunter dying to terrain and his cats causing the Ironguts to panic would have amused the Druchii endlessly.) To add insult to injury, Morgan’s pit was again dispelled, and she failed to harness the power of darkness in order to whither her firey rival. This left the Chariot’s fusillade of bolts powerless to down the volcano mage.

By this point we had run out of time, on what was a very odd game. My opponent was a real gent, and is producing a beautifully painted ogre’s force. But, as we are both a little poor on the details of the rules. This lead to a few serious rules debates at the start of his turn 3 (which dragged on a bit). This meant I learnt a lot about Warhammer in this battle, which is great, but I do feel I was denied the chance to learn just how my elves would fair in a straight fight against the new Ogre kingdoms. Now, I’ll freely admit that I played cautiously in the first two turns- this was a very tactical battle, and I was determined not to take a Mournfang charge with my units. I think that my caution was reasonably justified, as was the use of Harpies as a disposable, baiting unit. By Turn 3, I thought I’d won the battle of manoeuvre, and had levelled the playing field for combat – so I charged. Now I must admit I was a bit miffed when every ogre unit fled, especially the Mournfangs, who surely could take the charge of most units in the game. We were running out of time by this point, and completely failed to have a scrap. My question to Warseer is, was I right to feel a bit annoyed? Obviously he is totally in his rights to flee, after all, I backed off myself in turn 1. But I felt that the combats would have been quite even really, and would certainly have led to a decisive result.

As things were left, I think I would have had a good chance to go on and the game win. I still had a combi-charge on the Mournfangs (if they rallied), and think I would have eventually got off some form of spell to deal with the big unit of Ironguts (any of my three would have given me a good chance against them). It would have been a scrap, but I felt that the unilateral retreat of the Ogres only really played into my hands. Sadly, we had to end the game, and it was basically another draw, though I was clearly behind at the end. All in all I think I caused 3 wounds to his army, and the units I removed were due to running down fleeing enemies! I’m pretty sure he could have rolled me over if he’d played more positively, but at the end, I really looked on top… Very weird game!

Comments welcome guys!


04-02-2012, 13:32
Battle 3 – The Wardens of Nauglir Crevasse Vs. The Ogre Kingdoms

Once again I found myself facing off against an ogre opponent (who have now featured prominently in all of my games this year!), however this force was based on a fire theme, unlike last weeks icy opponents.

I used the same 1500 point force as before, this time using my Kallothai model for my sorceress rather than Morgan (pictures of both will be up in my Plog soon). I took Melkoth’s Mystifying Miasma, Okkam’s Mindrazor and Enfeebling Foe.

Ogre Kingdoms 1500 Points
Tyrant with additional hand weapon and some magic armour (I think).
Bruiser BSB with the Dragon Hide Banner and Addition Hand Weapon.
Firebelly – Level 2, with dispel scroll, Fireball and Flaming Sword of Rhuin.
8 Ogre Bulls with Ironfists and standard
8 Ironguts Banner of Eternal Flame
6 Leadbelchers


We fought a pitched battle again (I really want to try out some scenarios, but I’m always there quite late and time is short!), with the deployment shown in the attached in the attached image. The grey square is a watch tower a-top a large hill, and the small rectangle is a ruined building. The shades are positioned on a section of ruined fort wall, and a grave yard sits before the corsairs. The green circles represent wooded areas. Bear in mind this drawing’s scale is appalling!

Turn 1
Once again I rolled appallingly, and my opponent took the first turn.
With a series or guttural bellows the Ogres force lowered their eyes to their chewy elven meal, and began the charge forwards. Both the Bulls and Ironguts hurtled towards the Dark elf battle line, while the Leadbelchers advanced more cautiously, wielding their chaos dwarf crafted cannons against their bulging guts. The headlong advance over excited the Firebelly, who failed his attempt to hurl a fireball at the looming Hydra, though the Leadbelchers caused some sever damage to the Cold-one Chariot on the right flank.

Taken aback by the thunderous ogre advance, the Warriors, corsairs and hydra backed away, hoping to delay the inevitable charge. Laughing at the cowardice of their compatriots the Haldariakh’s retainers spurned their Cold-Ones forwards, assuming a flanking position behind the ruined building. The Harpies swooped around the watch tower positioning themselves on the flank of the Leadbelchers. In the magic phase, Kallothai succeeded in sapping the strength of the Ogre bulls, but failed to slow the lumbering Ironguts, The shooting phase was relatively successful, with the chariot repaying the severely wounding a Leadbelcher, and the shades and crossbow elves combining to fell an ogre bull.

Turn 2
The retreat of the Dark Elves stalled the ogre advance. The Bulls diverted their charge to occupy the ruined building, and the Iron guts moved towards the right flank to the side of the graveyard. The Leadbelchers were distracted by the flapping harpies, and moved to occupy the tower. The Firebelly hurled a fireball from the ruined building towards the hydra, but completely failed to wound the beast. The Leadbelchers fired a mass of metal towards the harpy flock, completely shredding them. (Note: I was quite happy with this, I was surprised he wasted such fire power on a nothing unit!)

With a curt nod, Haldariakh unleashed his elves. The corsairs, hydra and chariot all threw themselves at the Ironguts, however the corsair charged quickly petered out. The Warriors advanced towards the ruined building and the shades positioned themselves behind it. All of Kallothai’s attempts to weaken the Ironguts were dispelled, while the elven quarrels managed to slay another of the bulls. The earlier Leadbelcher fusillade appeared to have removed every bladed edge from the chariot, which caused a single impact hit. Despite this the chariot and crew still succeeded in removing an Irongut, before the bruiser crushed the dark contraption. The tyrant proved less successful, causing a single wound to the War Hydra, despite his flaming attacks. The warbeast screamed in defiance, spraying the unit with fire, and raining attacks upon them. Three more orges fell dead. The survivors failed to finish off the Hydra, and broke in fear. Both standard bearers were swiftly consumed, but the remaining ogres were not caught.

Turn 3
The Ironguts successfully rallied and turned to face the wounded Hydra. In an attempt to mount a fightback the Firebelly cast a fireball straight at Kallothai with irresistible force (we forgot to resolve the miscast!), sensing danger Kallothai used her knowledge of illusory shadow magic to fling herself through the ether, switch places with one of her handmaidens high in her elven watch tower. Kallothai’s influence was removed from the battle, the charred corpse of one of her handmaidens in her place. To compound the Ogre resurgence, the Leadbelchers opened fire on the Corsairs, felling seven of the fierce slavers.

Throwing caution to the wind, the warriors, shades and Cold One Knights all declared charges against the Bulls in the ruined building. Much to Haldariakh’s despair, his warrior unit failed to reach the building, and he was once more denied the taste of blood. Both the Shades and Knights executed the assault, the Champion, foolishly challenged the Firebelly, imbued with reckless confidence after drinking a potion gifted to him by his standard bearer. He failed to wound the Ogre (T5!) and was promptly squashed beneath his bulkly gut. The remaining Elves killed one ogre and wound another, to secure victory in the fight. Despite their defensible position the ogres fell back, only to be torn to pieces by the remaining Cold One Knights.

A win for the Dark Elves at last! This game was completely different to the last - it was played at a rapid pace, and much less cautiously. Overall I think I won through luck really. I charged in impetuously to have a scrap, and narrowly came out ahead in most cases. My opponent was a little unlucky with Ld rolls, and we both made a few mistakes due to our haste. None the less, it was a fun game, and played in a great spirit by my opponent. I have a game lined up against skaven in a couple of weeks, so hopefully I can escape my ogre-focussed battles soon.

Hope you enjoyed the report, comments always appreciated!


27-02-2012, 07:58
Sorry for the absence guys. I've had two more games since my last report. Unfortunately one was a game of Epic so I can't add it here. The other was against Lizardmen, and the report will be up sooner or later. I'm just posting now, as I have my first ever game against Skaven on Weds. I'm tweaking my list by taking a level 4 Fire Sorceress, for damage and HPA destruction. Any advice on fighting these guys would be appreciated though!