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23-04-2006, 01:35
The club I frequent received a "nice" little review from some GW guys who visited. According to them we ignored them and our conduct wasn't very good, as people were going about playing their one-off games as usual. In the end they stated that we had to "clean up" the way the club is or risk losing our freebies from GW (for tourneys and whatnot. As I was told). I personally took this as corporate bullying and I don't really think that is right. I could care less if they send free stuff or not if that is the way they want to run things.
So should GW be allowed to regulate how Independent clubs are operated?

And is the threatening of taking away of freebies right to make independent clubs operate more like GW ones?

23-04-2006, 02:11
Well now.................that's a thorny issue.:(

For a time I was the first Community Manager at GWCan and as such my job was to work with clubs. We only ever had one club that had to be *spoken with* - unfortunately for drug use in the clubhouse.:eek: Sadly it was confirmed from multiple independant sources, so it wasn't just one case of sour grapes.

Every other club I visited treated me well, sadly I wasn't able to game with them as much as I had hoped.:( However, I never had to *speak with* anyone about how they ran their club:eyebrows:. As long as it is a safe place for kids to game, that was all we cared about (at that point).

However, any organisation has the right to decide who they give *stuff* to and under what terms. This isn't *regulating* them, but rewarding the behaviours they want to see. As far as what they want to see vs what you were doing........I have no idea, I'd have to have been there.

The approach that we tried was to set up a competition whereby each event, activity, etc was worth points and the clubs with the most points got the most/best stuff. We let them decide what to do and supported the most active.

23-04-2006, 05:18
Lack of details usually means something.

23-04-2006, 06:14
I was there that day for a couple of hours. Some games were being played and all looked like a regular day. One of the GW guys was trying to demo lotr, but 40k is the major interest so I don't think anyone played him. and since it wasn't a high turnout of older people that day the other guy played one of the children that goes to the club. Language was pretty tame that day, unlike others. I didn't see anything else unusual. Maybe that was why they weren't really impressed?

23-04-2006, 07:03
Did they specify any certain problems?

Spamus Eatus
23-04-2006, 08:10
Woah, dude!:wtf:

Sorry Decius and I couldn't make it, was helping him move. Some info on the situation might be nice. PM or E-mail me. Hey, were those the guys from the other weekend? What is it with some people trying to shove LOTR down our throats? 40k and BFG all the way! I hope nobody was trying to play Flames of War in front of the GW Gestapo. That would really screw us over. Were you the only "senior" member? I wish I was there to regale them tales of the super kickass tourney we're cooking up, that might have helped some. They could have picked a better time to come, not during bloody Easter break. Sounds like a case of bad luck and bad timing. I suspect that because these guys were from "The Big City" their views may have been a tad skewed. This sounds like total Bullplop to me.

Now, for the viewers at home:

Myself, Decius, and USABOB are part of the same club. Decius and I are the two-man presidential team. USABOB is "Sergeant at Arms" or something like that.(can't think, it's late) Now, our city isn't very big, and the club is a little smaller than most others. Ourselves and a number of other hobby clubs are actively supported by our local dealer. He sells everything. RC cars, planes, models, trains, GW, etc. He lets us use his nice big (heated):D garage on Saturdays for gaming goodness.

Recently, we've hit a point lots of clubs have at one time or another. A number of our more senior members have moved away. Most live in the next city over now, 'bout an hour & 3/4. This has caused a slight problem for leadership and direction. However, a few of us have begun to take up the reins and give it a shot. We have also had a MAJOR influx of 10-13 year olds. Two of them are becoming good players, and the others just kinda come to hang out. One is particularally irritating, but that's another thread. We're working on trying to become a larger operation, but it's a little difficult. If anyone has any useful advice, fire it this way.

23-04-2006, 08:30
I just wonder what is the point of being aknowledged by GW or not? Isn't a club a private endeavour? Are those freebies that important?

23-04-2006, 08:39
Yeah it was the other weekend. You were there.

One is particularally irritating, but that's another thread. .
One? are you sure you counted them all ?:p

I just wonder what is the point of being aknowledged by GW or not? Isn't a club a private endeavour? Are those freebies that important? .
I was told that the freebies are ment for prizes of club tourneys and draws. And that supposedly our club gets up to $1000+ worth of freebies a year.

23-04-2006, 08:50
Guys PM me if you want. Don't know if I can help much, but........

Spamus Eatus
23-04-2006, 08:54
Okay, now I'm really confused. There were quite a few people there, along with a few senior members. I thought we had gotten along swimmingly at the time. Okay, so the kids who were looking into LOTR didn't show, but we can't be held for that.

I TRY to give the children the benefit of the doubt, have patience, we will eventually bring them into the fold.

$1000 bucks a year!? yeah right! I've attended every tourney we ran, and I don't think that the dontated stuff came to that much.

Anyway, that's enough ranting. A public forum isn't quite the most appropriate place to discuss internal politics. I wouldn't worry too much though, they're indies too. I think it's just a case of different perspectives.

23-04-2006, 09:14
I don't understand their grading chart either. But I think that the amount of money that little club brings GW is lots (~$4.5k product for myself) and I don't think it's right to threaten to cut off freebies for any reason.

23-04-2006, 10:16
You'll be much happier if you separate any emotion for the *expectation* of freebies. GW is quite anti-freebie, so I'd walk away from that and accept it as a cool bonus when it happens.

Some of the earlier clubs had a very demanding attitude (give us free stuff or we won't talk to you):eek: and it really soured the relationship for other clubs. A few clubs actually refused to show up for Games Day unless they were given a certain amount of free stuff, so GW simply stopped this system of bribes.

I PMed Spamus Eatus, so you guys can discuss it and get back to me.:D

23-04-2006, 10:24
I would rather go without freebies than going into a whatever-commitment with a company - though I would not advise against taking benefits, if they were given freely.

There are a couple of ways clubs can organize to gain assets, from fees to tournaments.

Spamus Eatus
23-04-2006, 10:46
Well, I think I see the situation here. I'm not so much cheezed off at the dudes who came to our fair town (they're ace guys.) Rather GW policy to do "internal policing" irks me. I've graced a couple offical GW stores, and I don't like the gaming. And I'm certainly not gonna put on one of those forced, constipated smiles and try to get people to play every system. The freebie value isn't THAT big of an issue, but when you have less funding, it can be when you try to run tournies and such. We've never outright demanded freebies, rather we sort of "apply" for them through our dealer. Sometimes it's free, other times we get it on the cheap. "Hey we're running a tourney on this date, any way you could help out to make it better" Kind of idea. We usually get about $50-$75CDN in swag, if that, and we usually pull off 2 small-scale tournies a year, tops. Demanding freebies comes off as rather high and mighty. I certainly don't expect goodies left, right, and center, but it's that little extra bit the company goes out of the way to make the whole experience better. We may just have to change our outlook on that one.

Regarding LOTR: This I kind of dislike. While it's unfortunate that the game is beginning to take the long, dark road to being "specialast", I say to GW "What were you thinking?" Basing a whole range around a 3-year movie release, with a nutsack-in-a-vicegrip license deal can't be a great idea in the long haul. Force-feeding it to people who have no intrest in it isn't great PR. I'm sorry I didn't care to play "Mines of Moria" I just perfer big guns to bows and arrows, I guess. As far as I was aware, there was some intrest from other members, but they didn't show.

However, despite this little setback, I'm still gonna feed my 40K and BFG addiction, because I happen to like playing it.

23-04-2006, 11:07
Well, GW should be free to give (or not) freebies to whomever they want. Transparency of criteria would be good, though.

If the freebies were given for a specific event (such as prizes for tournament) I think the criteria for giving them should be rather based on those events than the whole activity of the club.

Spamus Eatus
23-04-2006, 11:48
Yes, exactly. We have only ever applied for stuff during a tourney, which I thought lots of clubs do. We may have been wrong on that one. I would never ask for stuff for no particular reason. That's rather silly.

Man, this helping run things is harder than it looks!:eyebrows:

23-04-2006, 15:24
And we still have no details. Hard to make a judgment as to who's right or wrong without them.