View Full Version : How many models do you run in your armies?

22-01-2012, 19:50
I have found that i run armies at all model levels but i'm curious what other people do. Assume an 1850 pt list. Here are mine:

Grey Knights- 29

Space Wolves-64

Imperial Guard-105


So how about you guys, on average in an 1850 game how many models do you run?

22-01-2012, 19:53
80ish for my MechVet Guard...
though if things go perfectly according to plan, only the vehicles ever hit the table.

22-01-2012, 20:01
60-80 for guard. I try to keep the numbers on the board down through transports and reserves for quicker games.

30-50 for GK. again, I use transports to keep the numbers on the board down to an acceptable level (so that my movement phases aren't an hour long - I wish my opponents were as willing).

22-01-2012, 22:49
Hmm a board full of tanks imo is about the most boring un-cinematic thing to look at. Anyway I play mostly footcrons so have about 60ish models before stuff starts to deepstrike.

23-01-2012, 01:17
At 1850 for my two armies I typically run

Eldar - 40 infantry, 5 wave serpents, 2 fire prisms. The units I like tend to need serpents (DA, BA, and FD) I do run hawks sometimes but they are more of a for fun unit.

Space Wolves - 41 infantry, and 3 rhinos, a redeemer, vindie, and landspeeder typhon in my main list. I've ran between 30-60 infantry in the various lists I've messed around with.

With both my armies I do tend to spend alot of time outside my transports though :D.

23-01-2012, 02:06
I generally run about 6 x Mephistons in my BA jumper list ;)

23-01-2012, 03:01
For my Guard I sit somewhere between 70-80 infantry and a few vehicles.

23-01-2012, 03:13
~ 120 in a 1500 pts game.

23-01-2012, 05:16
Lets see.... I just played a game, 2250 points horde nid with a 2250 point Orc player against 2x 1500 point BT and a 1500 point SW player. Sooooo much armor. They had 3 LR Crus. 8 Land speeders. 2 Ven. Dreds, 3 Preds, 3/4 Razorbacks and 2 Rhinos between them all. But I digress because me and the ork player won.

20x Genestealers
43x Termagants
30x Hormagaunts
3x Carnifex
1x Trygon Prime
2x Tyr. Prime
2x Zoans
2x Hive Guard
2x Lictors
1x Venomthrope (worth his weight in gold)
3x Raveners

I believe thats all I had. It was huge and I have a vid of the battlefield after we set everything up.

Corsair Princess
23-01-2012, 05:49
Probably around 50ish for Chaos Marines, 70ish for my Eldar

23-01-2012, 05:55
my marine armies run about 70 models + tanks, my guard armies run about 150 + Tanks

23-01-2012, 06:27
@1500: 48-60 models total depending on the list used (for Space Marines).

23-01-2012, 13:40
Anywhere between about 70- Fully mechanised to 170-All infantry.

As to how many I normally run... well, there's some blobs, normally when using 'Move , move, Move!' and the cavalry, but other than that, running is fairly rare. I can't run fast enough to get away from stuff, and few of my units are so desperate to close range they'll forgo shooting to do so....

The Dawn of War FAQ has also got rid of another common running occasion- with two whole platoon starting on the board, having people run on from board edge will be less common.

23-01-2012, 14:57
For the two IG armies I'm currently using most, at 2000 points:

StarWars IG (hybrid Carapace Veterans): 80, plus 10 vehicles

Mordian IG (infantry): 162, plus 1 vehicle

23-01-2012, 15:54
My 2000 point necron army currently has 75 models in it.

23-01-2012, 16:06
12 guess my army ( dont look at my name)

23-01-2012, 16:22
I didn't think I was running an elite army, but my model count at 1750 is 33 infantry and 6 vehicles.

23-01-2012, 16:33
BA: 34 (lots of tanks/dreads)
DE: 86 (yay, foot DE ftw!)
Eldar: 60 (mixed mech)

The numbers above are for the lists I currently play at 1750 (that's the standard over here).

23-01-2012, 16:40
I play 2000 points and in that range my armies do vary greatly in terms of the number of models.

IG 60 - 140
GK 30 - 45
DA 20 - 60+
Orks 60 - 130
Nids 40 - 90

It all depends on the list I'm building form the codex and what models I want to use this time.

23-01-2012, 19:02
I think I run 35 models in 1750 with Tyranids, but the pair of Tervigons make the number of models used a bit higher.

23-01-2012, 23:22
1000 point Ork army, 18 models.

25-01-2012, 18:10
Well in my last 1500 point game i had 28 models (Land Raider, vindicator, Predator, 2 dreads, 2 razorbacks, 2 tactical squads and a MotF) But usually its either 7 odd marines. Split between a Master of the Forge with a conversion beamer, 6 tactical squads and a 10 man devestator squad then dreads or scouts to get the points up. Or 35 - 45 models. 6 dreads, 3 tactical squads, 2 MotF (one with harness and one with beamer) the whatever else tickles my fancy atm.

At 1850 I reckon I'd field about 80 - 90 models depending on what I'd remembered to put in my case that week.

25-01-2012, 18:19
Imperial Guard 2000 points: 89 Infantry, 3 walkers, 7 tanks/transports
Grey Knights 1000 points: 28 Infantry, 1 walker, 3 tanks/transports

The bearded one
25-01-2012, 18:27
Tau: 88 and 1 vehicle

it kinda surprised me how many there are in my army.

25-01-2012, 18:33
For my DE at 1500 points: 48 models, 1 Venom, 4 Raiders, and 2 Ravagers.

25-01-2012, 20:17
In my Mechdar List:

8 tanks, 44 infantry.

In my Deathwing:

3 Land raiders, 17 infantry

26-01-2012, 01:44
my current IG army runs about 180+ models

my Dark eldar is about 60+ models

I don't play my orkz, tau, CSM, SM atm so not sure how big they are

26-01-2012, 02:58
For my BA lists it's about 40 guys plus razors, stormravens and Land raider.

26-01-2012, 05:19
Since my preferred game is 3,000 points with two F.O.C., that runs into around 200 Orks, including battlewagons, dreads, kans, bikes and such. Yeah, bring something to read during my movement phase and stop whining.

Khornies & milk
26-01-2012, 11:13
At 2000 points (don't do 1850) I run -

Hybrid IG - 99 Infantry, 10 Vehicles
Pure Death Wing - 21 TDA, 3 Vehicles