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22-01-2012, 21:20

Me and my friend are running a small escalation campaign.
Me(vc), dwarves(he got a runesmith in 500, so there will be one in 1000 too :( ), ogres(Firebelly), deamons(mainly khorn deamons), beastmen(shaman), high elves(mage)

I was thinking of taking this list as my second step. There are a few things that can not be altered, since they were part of the 500pts list, and they have to be included in the next army.
Any thing that is obviously bad and should be changed ? Or do you think it will be an army that is both fun to play with and against, and still have a fair chance to bring me some victories ?

Necromancer: 100 (can not be removed. Only magic level or item can be altered)
Lv1, Cursed Book

Wight King: 135 (T5 3W 3+sv should be ok, and I can try to heal him with the lore attribute if he needs it)
Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Anti-Heroes, Other Trickster's Shard

40 Skeleton Warriors:250 (can not be removed, only banner or size can be altered)
Full Command, Screaming Banner, Spears

20 Zombies: 70
Full Command

10 Dire Wolves: 80 (can not be removed, only size can be altered)

3 Vargheists:138 (can not be removed, only size can be altered)

Terrorgheist: 225


24-01-2012, 07:49
I'm no expert, but you need some replies!

The one thing that strikes me is your lack of magic. Vampires rely on a decent magic phase to raise extra troops and increase movement. With a single level 1 caster, you are very easy to shut down, especially by the runesmith! Addition of a Vampire is an obvious change, as this would give you a marching bubble and more magic, however points-wise this could be tight. Plus you'll be missing the gorgeous Wight King model.

Lots of the 1000 point lists I'm seeming are using a lvl 3 Necro lord. This would improve you magic significantly. As you already have some mobile units in the dire wolves and Vargheists, I might be tempted to the find the points by dropping the Terrorgheist. You could them imporve your necro, and add a unit of Black knights or Grave guard for a unit with some more killing power. I'm not sure how viable this is points wise, but the black knight models in particular are gorgeous!

Otherwise, I like the variety in your army. Its got a bit of speed, a mix of units and some shambling blocks. Hope I helped...