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22-01-2012, 22:22
So as our new gaming club is about to start I thought I'd kick of with a first campaign for warhammer. As I had already started making a "Crossing the Corpserun" scenario I thought it could be fun to place it in that area so that the scenario could be used.

The first draft is as follows:

The fight for Lord Elrins axe
Lord Elrin of Zhufbar died over two millenias ago and his axe was thought lost. Now it has however been found, after a sudden flooding of the Corpserun Elrins skeleton and equipment was found and quickly taken into Vassel where it found it’s way onto the black market. Not knowing the full value of the axe the peasants were however in way over their heads as armies have moved into the surroundings to acquire the weapon. The armies are however forced to remain fairly small to avoid being detected by the Imperial authorities.

The game is played on a mighty empires map and each player chose a starting location where they place a camp.
Each turn a player gets 3 actions.
1. Shady action: You may “Sabotage”, “Enter the black market”, “Plant Spy”, “Use Spy” or “Cityfight”.
2. Attempt Conquest: You may attempt to conquer a tile, it must be in march able distance. Fight a battle for this.
3. Construction action: You may here reinforce a conquered tile, make a reinforced tile into a camp or replace a camp with a building.
Effects of buildings:
• Reinforced: A reinforced tile can not be conquered, if it would be conquered it instead loses the “reinforced” status.
• Camp: A camp can not be conquered, if it would be conquered it is instead no longer a camp. You can measure march able distances from a camp.
• Mine: A Mine can be conquered, if it is the mine is taken. As a construction action you can use the mine. If you do, either “Enter the Black Market”, add d3 ogres to a battle or add 3d6 free company to a battle, Dwarfs may instead add 2d6 miners to a battle.
• Fort: A fort can not be conquered. If it would be conquered it isn’t.
• Witch hut/ Wizard Tower: When it is built choose an arcane item with a cost of 50pts or less. Your Leader may take it for free, if you have multiple huts/towers your Leader takes one of the items and other characters the rest. A Witch hut/ Wizard tower can be conquered, if it is the hut/ tower is taken and the item within is unchanged but now under the conquerors control.
• Bridge: Unlike other buildings a bridge does not replace a camp and may be built on other buildings. It must be placed on a tile with the Corpserun. When playing “Crossing the Corpserun” taking the road over the bridge a bridge is placed instead of one of the fords.
• Maw Pit: (Ogres only) When in march able distance from the Maw Pit your butchers have +1 to all casting and dispel attempts. This is cumulative if you have multiple Maw Pits. A Maw Pit can only be conquered by other ogres, if anything else conquers it the pit is destroyed.
• Monuments: (Tomb Kings) If someone attempts to conquer this tile or any tile next to it the player owning the monument may take 200pts extra of undead constructs.

Attempt Conquest:
When attempting a conquest chose a tile to try to conquer, the enemy closest to it may attempt to stop you. If he does not chose to do so you conquer the tile. If he attempts to stop you each of you fight a battle, the winner conquers the tile.
In order to conquer a tile it must be in march able distance. Anything within 6 tiles of a camp or building is march able distance, forest and swamps count as two tiles and a river tile count as six tiles if you try to pass it and 1 if you try to reach it.
Shady Actions:
• Sabotage: Chose a camp or building. The camp or building has 1 instead of 6 when counting march able distance.
• Enter the Black Market: Unlock magic items that you will now be able to take. Either two from either your armybook or the common magic items or one from any armybook.
• Plant Spy: Chose a camp, that camp has a spy to you, note that you can chose your own camp.
• Use Spy: Use a spy in one of the following ways;
o Espionage: Before a battle with this opponent begins, look at his armylist and make up to three changes in your armylist.
o Assassinate: The Leader has one less wound during his next battle. A Leader can not be Assassinated multiple times the same round no matter how many opponents have spies in his camp.
o Steal: Take Lord Erins axe from the leader.
o Poison supplies: During the next battle the army makes chose one unit, they take a dangerous terrain test before the battle starts.
o Counter Espionage: Cancel all other spy actions in this camp.
• Cityfight: Fight a Mordheim game, if you have no warband create one according to the list deciding what warbands you may create. Your opponent does the same. These will fight according to the Mordheim campaign rules, any time you take cityfight you may abandon your warband and create a new one. If you fight the Hidden treasure scenario you may chose to skip all the other chances to win equipment to instead get Lord Erin’s axe on a 5+ roll.

How to take Lord Erin’s axe from another player
Defeat a character with the axe in a challenge or use the “Steal” action with a spy.
Lord Erin’s Axe
Magic Weapon -0pts, your Leader must take it even if it isn’t normally allowed by the rules, if your Leader must take another weapon he must take this more. If you have this weapon your Leader must fight in each battle you fight.
This Mighty axe is a powerful weapon of Zhufbar and when carrying it into battle it is said to make the bearer invincible, it didn’t work for Lord Erin but that over confidence is carried on to any who bear the axe.
Multiple wounds (D6), the bearer doubles his strength and has +1 to hit. The bearer may never refuse a challenge.

Creating your force
Chose an army and create your force. Your army must include a Leader, he or she is a lord or a hero choice that may be used in each battle you play ignoring the percentage rules. The chosen leader must be able to be the army general and must be so in each battle you fight using him. You may not use any special characters with one exception. Your Leader may be a hero level special character if you wish but if you do you lose your heirloom (if your special rules give extra heirlooms you keep those).
Magic Items
You have access to no magic items from the beginning; they are acquired by visiting the Black Market. You may however choose one magic item to be a Heirloom of your leader. It must be from your armybook or one of the common magic items and it is now available to you.
You may trade items with other players, this exchanges the items available to you.
Racial rules
• Beastmen: You may not build or conquer buildings (buildings you conquer are instead destroyed). You can measure march able tiles from any conquered tiles. Mordheim warbands available: Cult of the Possessed, Carnival of Chaos, Beastmen Raiders
• Bretonnia: Instead of using a Shady Action you may pray. This means that all your armies count as having prayed in following battles with the exception that they are not automatically last. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries (Desperate times, and it IS shady actions).
• Daemons of Chaos: When a battle is to be fought you may chose to fight a storm of chaos battle instead. Mordheim warbands available: Cult of the Possessed, Carnival of Chaos
• Dark Elves: Your Assassination attempts can not be countered. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries
• Dwarfs: Your mines are also forts but when you build a mine you must skip your next Construction Action. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries, Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Dwarf Treasure Hunters
• Empire: You may measure March able tiles from Vassel. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries, Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Kislevite Warband
• High Elves: Your wizard towers allow arcane items of 70pts or less rather than 50pts or less. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries
• Ogre Kingdoms: You may build Maw Pits. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries, Skaven, Kislevite Warband
• Orcs and Goblins: Greenskins may not build mines, wizard towers and bridges but may still own them if they conquer them. Enemy spies can use the “Sow Animosity” action against greenskins, the first turn of the greenskins next battle they fail animosity on 1s and 2s. Orcs and Goblins may take 100pts of Spider Riders for free due to the high population nearby. Mordheim warbands available: Orcs and Goblins Hordes
• Skaven: Skaven may skip any of their actions to take another Shady Action. Mordheim warbands available: Skaven, Mercenaries
• Tomb Kings: Tomb Kings may build Monuments. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries
• Warriors of Chaos: Warriors of Chaos may skip their construction step to take another “Attempt conquest” step. Mordheim warbands available: Cult of the Possessed, Carnival of Chaos
• Wood Elfs: Wood elfs may not build forts. Woods are 1 square rather than two when counting march able distances. Mordheim warbands available: Mercenaries
• Vampire Counts: Chose a bloodline;
o Nechrarch: Place a wizard tower rather than a camp when you start. One tile next to the tower is conquered. Mordheim warbands available: Undead
o Strigoi: You may add five free ghouls to any battle you fight. Mordheim warbands available: Undead
o Lahmia: You start with a spy in one camp of your choice. Mordheim warbands available: Undead, Mercenaries
o Blood Dragon: Chose one additional heirloom from either the Bretonnia or Empire armybook. Mordheim warbands available: Undead
o Von Carstein: You may take Free Company and Archers from the empire book as core. These units may not be joined by Necromancers or Wight Kings. If they are joined by a vampire the vampire is not unbreakable and unstable. Mordheim warbands available: Undead, Mercenaries
Warbands not in the mordheim book found at: http://www.mordheimer.com/warbands/warbands.htm
There are three end conditions for the game.
1. The axe conquers all: A player has the axe and the most conquered tiles for two turns in row. He wins
2. All is taken: There are no tiles that have not been conquered.
3. Rulers of Vassel: The players besiege Vassel, order defends (Von Carstein vampires count as order in this scenario) and destruction attacks. Neutral armies may chose their sides. The winning side is considered the winners.