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23-01-2012, 13:58
GW has made a lot of models since 8. edition on bigger bases. Its currently not any ruling how to treat old models, but.. should they be rebased if you got an old model? High elf dragon, DE dragon, DE hydra, Chaos Manticore among others is now supplied on a 50x100 base, and some models are even bigger (zombidragon) compared to before.
Once upon a time GW supplied monsters at 40x40 bases, but then changed them to bigger and ppl followed. Now a lot of models are remade on bigger bases. Should those that have old models rebase those/ or at lest "play them like they were bigger" to awoid grumpy comments?
Do you have local houserules on basing? Do big tourneys have after this shift in 8th.?

23-01-2012, 15:54
The official stance of GW is that you can still (in fact, you are supposed to) use the base that was provided with the model, as long at it is an official model from them.

However, this is mainly done to not force you to rebase your models, abusing this could be frowned upon.

23-01-2012, 21:44
Bases are one of the biggest issues with GW lately.

I recommend you ask around where you live.

I tend to rebase stuff (go go 40 Ungors) to what is current and it's probably the least hassle game/rules wise.