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23-01-2012, 17:18
Would like to hear some thoughts on this as a Dark Elf army. Most of it is built around models that I already have, so it would be cheaper money wise to finish :).

Supreme Sorceress - Level 4, Sacrificial Dagger, Lore of Shadow; 285

Sorceress - Level 2, Dispell Scroll, Lore of Fire; 160
Death Hag - Cauldron of Blood, BSB; 225

20 Corsairs - SB, Musician, extra weapon, Sea Serpent Standard; 240
12 Repeater Crossbowmen - musician; 125
11 Repeater Crossbowmen - musician; 115
19 Warriors - shields, SB, musician, Standard of Discipline; 157
5 Harpies - 55
5 Harpies - 55

30 Witch Elves - SB, Musician, Banner of Murder; 340
20 Blackguard - SB, Musician, Flaming Banner; 291
6 Shades - additional hand weapon; 102
5 Cold One Knights - SB, Musician, Banner of Swiftness; 174

War Hydra - 175

I also have 20 Executioners I could put in instead of the Black Guard, from the book though I feel the black guard would be more effective, any comments or observations are appreciated. A question, would it be viable to take my warriors down to a 16 man unit and still keep the supreme sorceress with them? Would save me from having to buy more warriors :).

23-01-2012, 20:37
You need to write down the lore on the Level 2, I'd go with Fire or Metal. Fire is better overall because of how versatile Fireball is compared to Searing Doom, but Metal will help out a lot more against knights and so on. The amount of ethereals we may see soon may likely mean that Fireball gets you more mileage.

I'd drop 10 xbows, and go up to 30 Corsairs, it gives them some bulk to withstand the inevitable casualties. A champion is nice in there, as it lets you trap a Bloodthirster.

The warrior bunker doesn't need shields, and I'd also try and get a champion into there so that flying characters become a lot less worrying. You can run them as little as 15 and still have them work nicely, but no lower. 20 is safe, but it's not entirely necessary.

I'm not a fan of the big witch units at all. I think 2 darts works much much better, for much less points, especially when you already have Corsairs. Corsairs do the heavy lifting much better, and the Witches can be used for character assassination, monster removal or you can run them into a unit and Mindrazor them. A double 6 means you get 24 S8 attacks with hatred at I6, which deleted most units, and if you don't double 6 it then out comes their dispel scroll, at which point the Corsairs roll in and delete their army. All that for 80 points...

Those knights are way too small to have anything other than a musician on them. To be honest, every time I run small units of knights they just turn out to be free points, or hide in a corner. I think the best bet with them is to either go big (10-14 with the ASF banner), or to not run them at all., if you really want to use them, get the unit size up to 6, then the musician can come in, and then up to 8, at which point the standard bearer can come in. At the moment, you just don't have the bodies for them to be survivable enough for the magic items to be worth taking.

23-01-2012, 20:59
The lore for the level 2 is fire, and I originally had her with the ruby ring of ruin, took it off in the end though.

Alot of the reason I did it this way was available models. For the warriors I painted them and shields and glued them on and well they look good. And I don't like going into a battle and saying yeah well even though my unit of warriors has shields, ignore them they arn't really there, I try to present my army as it is on paper, or as close as possible. I only have 16 painted, if I go with a low number, say 15, it will be 15 points somewhat wasted and I think I can deal with that.

As far as the corsairs, well I only have 10 painted :(, and I have to buy 10 more just for 20 then 20 more for 30, which eventually I definately will. I wish I had the money back from when I painted those 20 executioners and instead painted corsairs :), ahh live and learn.

I will consider splitting the witch elves up, I love witch elf models, I have 30 of the new ones painted and like 20 of the old metal ones painted :). And they looked really intimidating 6x5

I was thinking the same thing with the cold one knights, wasn't really sure what I could even do with them, just felt like I needed some cavalry, you know :). And I only have 5 of the new ones painted, have a few of the old cold one models painted if I wanted to go bigger. But I'm thinking I have 5 Dark riders painted already, I could throw them in their instead, they could chase down flee'ing units and such, and wouldn't be quite the point sink as cold ones

Thanks for the advice, I'll look at my lists and see what I can change around.