View Full Version : 2k wood elf list (1st draft)

dark angel
23-04-2006, 10:05

here we are then

spell weaver,lvl 4,wand of wych elm,divination orb,330 points

spell singer,lvl 2,2 despell scrolls,175 points

noble,eternal kindred,daiths reaper,light armour,132 points

10 glade guard,full command,144 points

10 glade guard,full command,144 points

10 scouts,lords bow man,176 points

8 glade riders,full command,228 points

12 dryads,branch nymph,156 points

15 eternal guard,full command,210 points

3 warhawk riders,140 points

6 waywatchers,shadow sentinel,152 points

1987 points

im not shure wether to split the scouts into 2 units of 5 but other than that any advise(i havent bought anything yet)

PS thanks in advance

23-04-2006, 10:24
Firstly the spellweaver is illegal youve got 2 arcane items WoWE and DO, swap with singer for a scroll.
Your glade rider unit is definatley toooo big! if you can turn it into 2 units of 5, you should be able to get the points.
Drop 2 of the dryads aswell 10 perform better than twelve.
Dont bother with the champion with the waywatchers either.
You also wont need any command members on the glade guard/scouts either there main purpose is to shoot!!
this way you can get another 10 dryads, 5 more g riders with musician and over all a better list!!

07-05-2006, 15:13
Drop the lvl 2 it's a it much. 4 lvls of magic is enough unless you're only facing magic armies.

If you're doing a noble for Eternal guard take: noble, Great Weapon, amber pendant. That's all you really need.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH drop full command on the Glade guard. just take a musician.

If your'e taking scouts, take 5 or 5 w/ the banner of zentith.

Take 5-6 glade rides w/ a musican and model up an extra w/ the standard but dont' always use it.

Drop your dryads down to 8 in size.

Take ~20 eternal guard.

the champ on the warhawk riders 'is' useful for mage hunting.

drop the shadow sentinel on the waywatchers NEVER take shooty champ upgrades.

I have to say this is a really weak list. tighten it up and start at 1000 pts instead. get to know the army, and play lots of games at 1500 pts.

07-05-2006, 15:20
If he drops the level 2 then he has 4 dispel dice, which is a waste of the wand, granted 5 isn't much better.

Dont waste your time taking musicians for the Glade Guard, if you are fleeing you have done somthing seriously wrong.

Giving warhawks a champion makes them rather inefective at mage hunting. If the mage is in a unit he will just have the champion accept and take away 3 attacks from the mage's base. Dont give warhawks a champion.