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Lord-Gen Bale Chambers
24-01-2012, 16:28
I've played alot of 40k and probably a total of 5 games of fantasy between 6th, 7th and 8th edition using friends armies. I hate to pick the flavor of the week, but Vampire Counts just appeal to me and the new models are pretty sweet.

So, without further ado, here is the 2,500 pt list I put together. Please, feel free to point out anything that is not legal or is just a bad idea. I've given the 8th edition rules 1 read through and the same with the new VC codex. All of my units selections are based on what I like. I also only own the codex so far, so I am open to dramatically changing it (assuming I like the direction).

Lords (24%)
Vampire Lord - sword of battle, enchanted shield, dawnstone, lvl 3 wiz, heavy armour
Zombie Dragon mount

Heroes 10%
Necromancer - lvl 2 wiz, dispel scroll
Necromancer - lvl 2 wiz, dispel scroll

Core 31%
40 Zombies - musician, standard
40 Zombies - musician, standard
40 Seletons - hand/light armour, shield, champion, musician, screaming banner
20 Seletons - hand/light armour, shield, champion, musician, banner
20 Seletons - hand/light armour, shield, champion, musician, banner

Special 29%
30 Grave Guard - heavy armour, great weapons, seneschal, musician, barrows banner
6 Vargheists - vargoyle

Rare 6%
3 Cairn Wraiths

So I have 3 hordes of infantry, 3 smaller blocks, two (what I imagine to be) strong flying units, two necros and the wraiths. The idea is to march forward and try to get the hordes to eat charges. Then counter charge with whatever is available (smaller blocks, wraiths or one of the flying units). Depending on what my opponent has, the Vampire Lord will either stay behind the line for a turn or two lusing his rules to let the undead march or be more aggressive on the flank with the wraiths and vargheists.

All comments welcome. I would like to note that I will probably never use this in a tournament.

24-01-2012, 17:48
Go for only horde in you core units. atliest if its not for freindly play.

24-01-2012, 18:52
I think you are completely insane not to take a ward save on your Lord. Rerolling armor is great, but plenty of things ignore it or can bypass it through high strength. I'd consider a 5+ ward save mandatory and if you can find the points a 4+ is preferable.

You cannot take 2 dispel scrolls. Give the second necromancer some nice arcane item or perhaps the ability to raise skeletons past their starting size instead.

Our core is generally bad. Never horde zombies as they have no protection and are the worst fighters in the entire game. The 6-10 extra attacks you get by hording them is not worth you losing ranks (and thus more zombies) even faster because they hit almost everything in the game on 5's so you will get maybe 1 wound more while taking more wounds the second you reach 29 or less zombies than if you had them in a 5X8 formation. Also a general note that you really don't want to spend more than the minimum 25% on core. Use that 6% to buy a banshee for that wraith unit, turn one of those necromancers into a fighting Vampire, or reduce your Grave guard unit slightly to buy another special choice.

I wouldn't take a unit of 6 Vargheists. You lose supporting attacks in the back rank because they each have 4 (only 3 can be used from the second rank with monstrous infantry) and since they are frenzied 1 bad roll can see the unit careening off where you don't want it. I would either stick with 1 unit of 3-4 without ranks, or just split the group into two units of 3. With 12-13 attacks that generally hit on 3's and wound on 2's, 3 is plenty to do everything but flank elites, which having 6 in one unit would be good for, but even then it is risky because against elites they can do serious damage to your toughness 4 with no save. I've found Vargheists are best for taking out just about anything with no ranks with the exception of really powerful monsters.

Lord-Gen Bale Chambers
24-01-2012, 19:59
Thanks for the reply. Kayosiv, I'll make some updates based on those reccommendations.

24-01-2012, 20:25
def give lord either 4+ ward or give hime dragon helm to get that 2+ against flaming...core needs work i think...i would combine the two units of skellies into one and give them screaming banner, then run 20 man zombie units if you really want to have them...maybe add some wolves or bats for warmachines and redirects....also i would consider dropping the vargheists for either some black knights or two units of crypt horrors....