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24-01-2012, 20:01
I need help creating a 2000 pts and 2400 pts tomb king army. I have only played 1000 pts so far so Im pretty confused what to add.... The whole army is based around the theme about an old king whith a "collection" of living statues. So I pretty much have decided that Im gonna add ome kinda mix between Necropolis Knights, Sepulchral Stalkers, Ushabtis, Necrosphinxs and/or Tomb Swarms (will paint them to look like statues). But I don't know which units to pick and what formations, options and I guess I should add some Items for my lords and heros.... But I have no clue what to add... =S

This is my army list so far all help is highly appreciated:

1 x Tomb King 170 pts
1 x Liche High Priest 210 pts
Level 4 Wizard
1 x Necrotect 60 pts

47 x Skeleton Warriors 312 pts
Spear, Light Armour and full command

The Tomb King, Liche High Priest and Necrotect will be in the 47 skeleton warrior horde formation. And thus giving the horde WS 6, Regeneration +6, Hatred and Ld 10. Also note that the skeleton warriors will have spears, light armour and 1 extra attack from being in a horde. So thats, 4 ranks worth attacks with WS 6 and re-rolls =D

16 x Skeleton Archers 96 pts
16 x Skeleton Archers 96 pts
16 x Skeleton Archers 96 pts

These guys will pretty much shoot things and no one is safe from arrows of asaph! Unless they got somekinda armour..... =(

1 x Khemrian Warshinx 240 pts
Envenomed Sting and Fiery Roar

Donno if I should take Envenomed Sting

1 x Tomb Scorpion 85 pts
1 x Tomb Scorpion 85 pts

My Scorpions will hide and pop up and hit stuff in the rear, they have proven to be pretty usefull.

1 x Hierotitan 175 pts

Total Points: 1625pts

31-01-2012, 10:50
Any self-respecting TK army with lots of statues in 2K should have at least two Warspinxes. I'd add chariots, a Warspinx and a hero in a chariot. Make it a 8-chariot unit (4x2) in total.
Also, why not include those nice necro knights? Finally, you need a necrotect in such a list...

31-01-2012, 16:07
Scorpions can be fun, but they took a big hit since the 6th edition book. Hard to take two of them over a unit of Necroknights. Also why no Casket?