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24-01-2012, 21:24
High Elves -

Archmage + extra level (Shadow)

Noble + great weapon and Armour of Caldor in a Chariot
Mage + extra level (High)

30 Seaguard + FC
10 Archers

21 Swordmasters + FC and Banner of Sorcery
5 Dragon Princes
Lion Chariot

Bolt thrower
Bolt thrower

Ogres -



16 Ironguts + FC
10 Bulls

4 Lead Bealchers
4 Lead Bealchers

Pre game -

The board is set up as a pretty open with only a large wood taking up the center of the battlefield. The mission rolled up is Watchtower which gets plonked down in the wood providing a centerpiece for the battle. The Slaughtermaster rolls up his spells and ends up with a pretty poor result. The High Elf Archmage rolls up Miasma, Withering, Pit and Mindrazor while the Mage gets Shield of Saphery and Fury of Khaine.

Setup -

The High Elves get the chance to set up a unit in the watchtower but decline. From right to left from the High Elf perspective the Ogres put down a unit of Leadbelchers on the right flank opposite the Seaguard (with Mage) and Lion chariot. The Bulls go down in the center to get into the Watchtower while the High Elves have their RBT's in the center to support both flanks. On the left there is the last unit of Leadbelchers and Ironguts (with BSB and Slaughtermaster) opposite the Swordmasters and Archers (with Archmage). Out on the far left flank I've got the Dragon Princes and the Prince on Chariot. As the Elves got the oppertunity to hold the tower the Ogres get the first turn.

Ogre Turn One -

Basicaly everything moves forward. Magic is non existant as the Ogres manage to roll up 3 power dice and end up against 3 dispel dice as the Archmage manages to channel. Shooting is pretty poor as well. The left hand Leadbelchers kill a couple of Swordmasters while the right hand unit fails to do any damage against the Seaguard.

High Elf Turn One -

The Dragon Princes march forward and wheel to see the flank of the Ironguts. The Chariot moves up as well but is in the front arc of the unit. The Archers inch back a bit while the Lion Chariot moves up towards the left hand Leadbelchers. Magic starts off well with a good roll, plus a channel, plus the banner of Sorcery giving the High Elves 12 power dice. Things go downhill from there through. The Mage casts Shield of Saphery onto the Swordmasters with two dice, irrisistables, wounds himself, kills 5 Seaguard and drains 3 dice from the Magic pool. The rest of the phase sees Miasma on the Ironguts countered and Pit on the Ironguts fail to cast. Shooting is a bit better with the Ironguts losing a model to two Bolt thrower shots. The Seaguard shoot at the left hand Leadbelchers, kill one, panics the unit and they flee.

Orge Turn Two -

Ironguts charge the Swordmasters but fall short. Bulls go into the Watchtower. The left hand Leadbelchers don't rally and flee from the table while the right hand unit wheels to face the Dragon Princes. Magic is minimal but the Slaughtermaster does manage to irrisistable +1 toughness onto his unit he takes a wound from the miscast, one from Bloodgruel and another Ironguts dies. Shooting sees a single Dragon Prince killed by the Leadbelchers.

High Elf Turn Two -

The Dragon Princes, Chariot and Swordmasters all charge the Ironguts who hold. The Lion chariot starts to trek around the forest to trey to get in charge range of something while the Seaguard shift towards the center to get the Mage into Shield range of the Swordmasters. The magic phase is a huge disappointment. Even with 11 power dice a combination of dispel scroll, poor dice and a decent dispel rolls sees Shield and Mindrazor fail on the Swordmasters and Withering fail on the Ironguts. Shooting from the Bolt throwers kills a Leadbelcher from the remaining unit but they pass panic. The decisive combat fails to deliver for the High Elves with below average rolling seeing combat drawn and a boatload of Elves killed in the process. The Swordmasters ended up with 3 models left, the Chariot was down to a wound and the Dragon Pinces were down to two models.

Ogre Turn Three -

The Leadbelchers charge the flank of the Dragon Princes. Magic sees the Slaughtermaster get off a couple of augement spells (including +1 toughness of the Ironguts) and gets himself back from 1 wound to 3. The one combat is totaly one sided with both the Swordmasters and the Dragon Princes wiped out, the Chariot destroyed and the High Elf hero fleeing for his life (fortunatly he gets away)

High Elf Turn Three -

The Noble rallies. The Lion chariot is still to far away to help out the doomed Archmage and his Archer unit (who are going to get charged by the Ironguts next turn). Magic sees salvation in the form of a large Pit of Shades. It goes off, doesn't scatter and all but two of the Ironguts and the Slaughtermaster plunge to their doom. Sadly the unit passes its panic check and all the shooting in the High Elf army fails to finnish off the unit which means the Archmage is pretty much toast next turn

Ogre Turn Four -

Slaughtermaster and Ironguts charge the Archers. The Archers decide to flee hoping to roll fairly low and remain on the table while not being hit by the Ironguts. Sadly the units rolls a double six and flees from the table taking the Archmage with them. The ogres redirect into the lone Noble and kill him with the gut charge.

High Elf Turn Four -

Basicaly the Bolt Throwers and the Seaguard unload into the Ironguts. Both Ironguts die and due to the positioning of the Ironguts on the board edge when the Slaughtermaster panics he flees off the table. The dice is rolled to see if the game ends and it does! Victory to the Ogres as they hold the Watchtower!

24-01-2012, 22:02
Knew that was gonna be rough for you as soon as you didn't take the watch tower on the first turn. Better luck next time, you did kill a boatload of guts :D

24-01-2012, 22:25
So as the High Elf player I was pretty bummed out by the result. We had a chat at the end of the game about what could have been done differently and the Ogre player disagreed about how I should have gone about the game. He said I should have gone after the unit in the watchtower from the get go with as much magic as possible. Which might have been another way to go about things.

My basic plan was to surrender the Wacthtower from the get go as he could pretty much kill any unit I decided to place in there as they would be unsupported. It was then to kill/drive off his units which weren't in the building then push the garrison unit out in the later turns. Things did start out pretty well as I got the spells I wanted and managed to take one unit of Leadbelchers out straight away. The real killer point in the game was magic. Getting one spell off in the first two turns was just so disappointing and my failure to get Mindrazor or Withering off on his Ironguts unit was the low point of the game. Even saying that the Ironguts deathstar is still stupidly hard. Even with the charge, the flank and a ton of strength 5 attacks enough Ironguts survived to pretty much paste all three of the units I threw in. Even with Shield of Saphery and low toughness Ogres I still think I would have been badly hurt in that combat (my rolls were quite poor though which didn't help either).

So my plan kinda fell down there. I was hoping to use the Swordmasters to clear the Watchtower (with magic support) once I'd cleared the table but when they were gone the Seaguard were going to have to be pushed into the breach with me hoping for a Mindrazor or two on them. When my Archmage went I pretty much knew it was game there. Actualy I predicted game at the end of turn two as the Ogre player had two units (Ironguts and Leadbelchers) to hunt down my Archmage and without him I had no real way of leveling the playing field in the assault on the Watchtower.

The bright spot for me was realising that if the game hadn't been Watchtower I would have been doing fairly well. With the Mage, Seaguard and Lion Chariot pretty much stranded after the first Leadbelcher unit ran I felt they could have deal with the Bulls with a bit of supporting fire from my Bolt throwers. I feel that most of my stuff performed fairly well. I do feel the early dominence in power dice failing to translate into anything tangable on the battlefield really hurt me more than the fairly poor rolls did in the Ironguts combat. The possibilities of doing the same damage with an irrisistable Pit on the Ironguts that I did on the third turn is definatly an attractive propersition.


24-01-2012, 22:30
Knew that was gonna be rough for you as soon as you didn't take the watch tower on the first turn

I just felt that whichever unit I put in would just get smashed in before I could get help across the table. I didn't feel that I could afford to lose one of my two main units from the battleline just to try to hold the tower.


25-01-2012, 17:14
Why didn't you just drop the 10 archers in there. Even with all his shooting and such he'd have to kill 10 archers in 1 round of combat. Then you ditch out and then hop in with swordmasters or seaguard.