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25-01-2012, 09:55
After tweeking my list around a bit i would love some input on how i could inprove in any way;

The basic plan is to use the LB and mornfangs as part of multi charges if needed.

One big question i have is my core? Should i swap the unit of 8 ironguts for bulls? I realy like tge guts i think the s6 is great but they dont get the parry just after peoples thorts on thiss? (aswell as any others you have)

I am likeing the 2units on guts but then again is it over kill?

The mornfang - is a magic standerd needed i would love the dragonhide banner on there but carnt squeez it in?? If its needed how do i get in

One thing that i want to stay is the lvl2FB because i dont just want fireball i want a chanse for so many more uesfull spells, you know the ones.

Well i will shut up and let you read the list now shall i


Slaghtermaster lvl4 - 370
Fencers blade

Firebelly lvl2 - 207
2X hand wepon

Bsb - 176
Great wepon
Crown of command

Ironguts x10 - 480
Standerd of discipline
Lookout gnob

Ironguts x8 -364
Lookout gnob

Leadbelchers x6 - 268

Mournfang x4 - 300
Heavy armour

Saber -

Saber -

Saber -

Ironblaster -

Total 2398

All comments are very welcome tgis list is going to be torniment heavy used so all help greatfull

Thanks Adzaxeuk

25-01-2012, 23:26
First off, drop the leadbelchers, put a dispel scroll on your SM, and add some poison and scout maneaters with braces of pistols and a musician. The maneaters will serve you far better, taking out nasty things and drawing attention away from your main line. Everything else looks pretty good, and if you prefer leadbelchers, go ahead, I just don't rate them compared to maneaters. If you want the dragonhide banner, swap a unit of ironguts for regular ogres with ironfists, I would also recommend swapping the BSB's crown for the standard of discipline on your irongut unit, that way you've got leadership 9 ironguts that can drift away and support your mournfang if they encounter something tough. Of course it's up to you though!

27-01-2012, 00:06
I agree leadbelchers are weak and more mournfang if you can point ratio wise...