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25-01-2012, 14:08
Okay, so I've tried the herdstone spam army and I know how good it is, but having just started a "Blood in the Badlands" campaign and been told to create 3 different characters to lead my three armies I have decided to tryout some different build and experiment a bit.

Here's my first try, built around a beastlord chariot blender concept...

Beastlord (Razorgor ch., heavy armour, shield, brass cleaver, dragonhelm, talisman of endurance, slugskin) 399

Shaman (L2 Shadow) 110
Shaman (L2 Shadow, Tuskgor Ch., skin of man) 205
BSB (Wargor, HA, Sh, Gnarled Hide, Crown of command) 166

20x Centigors (GW, Ghorros, Mus, Std) 716

21x Bestigor (FC, Std of Disc.) 346
5x Harpies 55

Chaos Spawn 55

The plan is to scout the shaman on chariot and then swap places with the general's chariot. He can then charge into a nice exposed flank or rear of a unit, whilst a meaty WS5/S6/2A centigor unit hack another unit to pieces, followed by the bestigor to pick up the pieces. Support from shadow magic to hex my enemies so that I can protect the rather fragile units.

It's nowhere near as many wounds on the table as I'm used to fielding, so I'm hoping that hexing BS, WS and S might help to keep me alive, and the harpies will be fairly important for redirecting duties (just a shame I only have 5 models for this army!). My ideal situation with spells will be 2x Miasma, 1x Enfeebling Foe and any one other, really (except possibly the pendulum, but with two swaps to miasma that should be easy to avoid).



25-01-2012, 18:01
It sounds menacing!

27-01-2012, 21:46
Looks like a slight mod of the Ghorros list and a viable change to Beastmen. I did a a similar list last night.

Characters in Razorgor chariots are deadly. However if you are going to commit to the Brass Cleaver and Razorgor Chariot it works better on a scouting GBS. You can reform after combat to turn sideways and as well cast Savage Beast of Horros for a lot of S7 attacks :)

That is interesting to put the Stubborn hat on the BSB in the Bestigors.

Personally I feel you should run two units of 10 Centigors. One up each flank. Target Saturation.

Cheers and hope it goes well!

29-01-2012, 16:22
if you run them with spears, they can do a lot of damage in units of 5 as well and they're much more maneuverable.