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25-01-2012, 21:16
Hello there! I posted an thread about blood angels before, but unfortunately my friend wanted to take care of the army and he payed for it so it was only by his rights. But now as I have painted one army done. I want to fill that gap.
So I thought hey! Why dont I play fantasy. Started to look around but I did not like any armies except dwarfs except they were outdated as many have told me. So I picked up my Tamurkhan book to see if I could find a interesting list and it hit me. Chaos dwarfs!

I will be making 1500pts over 3 years. I have never played fantasy or really collected a fantasy army. I have read their army book 3 times.

So I would use this in an army

Some sorcerer.
Infernal guards with shields and hand weapons
Infernal guards with fire glaives.
Hobgoblins (Gnoblars?)
magma cannon
Quake mortar.

Any other suggestions. I could do 2000 if I could include Drazhoath.

Dont really need exact point cost just around somewhere. I am not sure of numbers of units or so. I want to make a list just to play. Not to compete with people.

26-01-2012, 09:38
After some thoughts, maybe there are not many owners of the book or players of chaos dwarfs.

26-01-2012, 10:21
Quite a few people own ToT so have access to the CD book...it's peculiar there is no Armies Book for them given the immense popularity of CD and the fact people have been asking for a book for them for well over a decade, still I think you should try and just use your intuition to create a list, doesn't matter if it's terribad or not because that's what forums like this are for, to help you improve the list. Anyways have a bit of patience can sometimes take a couple days to get a list looked at and advised on.

26-01-2012, 12:58
I quickly realised that. I will make a list when I got a little more passtime :) Hopefully it will reach upon 2000pts.
I looked for a plog with CD but I could not find one here on Warseer so easily wich is odd.

26-01-2012, 13:09
There's a lot of info to be found at ww.chaos-dwarfs.com

26-01-2012, 14:30
Well yes I have been looking. So far mostly old school chaos dwarf players. They mostly whine how ugly forge world made the new models.
I will be using up to date models only.

27-01-2012, 10:53
Any other suggestions. I could do 2000 if I could include Drazhoath.

Well Drazhoath can't be taken in a list smaller than 2280.

From what I've read the K'Daai destroyer and magma cannons are the really strong choices for the most part. My suggestion (and what I'm doing with my list) is to get what you like the look of and want to paint, especially if you just want a list to play and not to compete. It may be a while before FW release anything else (both bull centaurs and k'daai have been mentioned as part of the upcoming monstrous arcana book).

27-01-2012, 23:53
Well I wont build my own K'daai. He can be used in smaller games :) Not impossible but maybe its not such a good list ^^ I trust Forge world to get us some real good looking bull centaurs and K'daai's.
I have been looking into the attributes of the different units more. I actually like the infernals and magma cannon the most.

29-01-2012, 12:44
Also my friend is going to be tattoo artist so she got to practice on me. Only cost me about 4. Guess the symbol. Its not finished yet though.


I am aware of the size problem with the arrows :P But it is ok. Looks really cool today. You cant see the small problems if you dont stop and look closely. She is gonna correct some lines and fill in the black.

Also what would be good for hobgoblins? As models.