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Von Breitholz
26-01-2012, 13:12
I was thinking about putting in two Haemies in my sqd with Incubis, to get 2 paintokens from start. When they get their paintoken for killing an enemysqd, I will remove one Haemi from the sqd and remove my next Haemi when they get their next paintoken. Just to get the benefit from both FNP and FC from the beginning and then donīt reach Fearless until verry late in the game. Can I do this leagaly and/or is it stupid to waist the points of two Haemis in the same sqd??? What are your thoughts on this matter???

26-01-2012, 16:55
It's legal and, given that you can buy multiple Haemonculi for a single HQ slot, it's not an insane idea either.
Haemonculi aren't the most robust of characters to have floating about on their lonesome though so if you're going to use them to lend, and then leach PT's from your Incubi, you might want to consider having friendly units nearby for them to sink into at the earliest opportunity. Especially if there were a Webway portal nearby to deploy these supporting squads out of....
Of course those supporting units suddenly get a boost of 1-2 PT's worth of juice into the bargain.

26-01-2012, 17:44
The real power of the DE dex isn't in pain point manipulation, switching up haemonculi from squad to squad, its in high volume poison firepower, massed paper aeorplanes, dark matter spam and fast moving combat powerhouses like incubi and hidden Archons who are lethal enough anyway without having to rely on pain points. As the first reply says, it is legal, but fiddly and could cause you to bleed pain points for an unnecessary benefit, after all not much is going to survive the charge from a squad of incubi without furious charge, let alone with and ideally you should be trying to drag out combats you initiate for 2 turns anyway.


Von Breitholz
26-01-2012, 19:33
Thanks for your thoghts. It helps.
Iīve got four Venoms, one Raider and three Ravagers in the list. But I only have five Incubis in the Raider (guess I should have added that). So I think I have enough (if you ever can have enough ;) ) of paper aeroplanes. The thought with the two Haemis is to make my Incubis live and kill.

Anyone else that have an idea or thoght about useing two Haemis in the same sqd just speak up.

27-01-2012, 08:37
The point I think Cosmic_Girl was trying to make is that it's easy enough to get good mileage out of Incubi without sinking a further 70 points into them. If anything, just spend the points on more Incubi... this makes the unit more killy and more survivable without having to fiddle with haemos.

FNP, +1S and +1I on the charge doesn't really greatly increase the number of units that Incubi will excel against. Units with power-weapons of their own will still give you trouble, their I is already high, and their strength is decent enough to put a sizeable dent in most MeQ units without breaking a sweat. Getting a pain token is nice, but you should usually be acting like a proper predator and going after the slow and weak initially in order to get momentum. Splurging on Pain tokens before you even hit the board can make you over-reliant on them and can sometimes lull you into false confidence that could see your uber-Incubi go up against units they have no business fighting.

In fact, the one glaring issue with Incubi is their inability to assault at I value into terrain... and a haemo doesn't help with this. My preferred use for Incubi is 4+ agonizer/tgl/shadow-field Archon... as I hate having that wonderful I go to waste.


The Good Doctor.

Leeman Russ
27-01-2012, 16:52
I agree with Dr. Clock - I run a unit of 4 incubi in a venom accompanied by an Archon with Agoniser, Phantasm Grenade Launcher and Shadowfield and I've found that to be plenty powerful enough to pick on most units and get themselves a pain token. I also give the archon combat drugs as they can sometimes be useful if I'm lucky enough to roll a 6 - instant pain token! Granted, sometimes drugs on the archon can sometimes be a waste but they're more for fun than anything else.

ago syb
27-01-2012, 19:40
It's not really worth it. Attaching a haemi to an incubus unit means they lose fleet, is another IC and kill point attached to the unit on top of the archon you'll probably want with them for the grenades, and when you detach IC's from units with the "Power from Pain" rule you have to divide the pain tokens up between them anyway. You would have to get a total of four on the entire unit just to benefit from FC and detach the haemonculi later. Leaving one on for fnp might be good, but wyches and warriors camping objectives need that a lot more than incubi.

Von Breitholz
28-01-2012, 16:05
Nice, thx all for your insightfull comments. Then I have to rethink, Iīll see what I will do. But probably I will go with the Archon thingie.