View Full Version : Aura of Slaanesh

23-04-2006, 15:50
Started on behalf of ROCKY, in order to get the most input possible about the limitations of this Chaos special rule.

Look it up on p.49 in the Chaos armybook, or just read the wording here:
"..Any enemy unit in base contact with one or more models with the Aura of Slaanesh reduces its Leadership by -1, to a minimum Leadership value of 2."

Basically the question is: 'Does it stack?', I'd intepret the text as no. One model or 20, in any number of units or combination does not stack. Any one oppose this intepretation? How come?

23-04-2006, 16:04
This ability very clearly does not stack with itself.

Why? because of the "one or more" clause. You could be in base to base contact with a single daemonette, or a billion; it doesn't matter.

23-04-2006, 23:42
Yup, it doesn't stack. It doesn't matter how many you're in contact with, you'll be in contact with "one or more" so only one -1 penalty I'm afraid.