View Full Version : Zombie Dragon + Vargheists VC theme a viability?

26-01-2012, 15:15
I am coming back to fantasy from a long break. My area can be pretty competitive, and Fantasy doesn't mesh well with players constantly trying to break it. :)

But I think I stumbled unto a good group who play for fun, and I have Warmachine/40k for competitive play.

I was really drawn to the VC with the release of the new book. I was always on the shelf about which faction to pick up and the new Zombie Dragon and Vargheists really sold me.

I know I can't get a kitted VC lord on a Dragon in less then 2500, but I love the model so I am going to try. It seems like players prefer the Terrorgheist as a rare choice because of the scream.

An army built around a beefy Lord on a Dragon and at least one, maybe two units of Vargheists, backed by skeletons is really what I want to play. I don't mind dipping into other aspects of the army to build a well rounded list, and I really like the Mortis engine.

So given that criteria, how would you structure most lists?

27-01-2012, 00:03
People will talk about ridden monsters like all armies have a cannon that will kill it on the first attempt. This is, of course, rubbish. But playing with a character on ridden monster is tricky business. Tricky, but by no means impossible.

Vargheists seem, to me, like really solid units. They do a ton of damage, and fliers in an army that otherwise have a hard time getting around much seem like a very good choice. So hell, why not? Just be sure to fill the rest of your army with solid, no-nonsense blocks of stayers, because both the Lord and Vargheists will be primarily support units.

27-01-2012, 00:23
It will struggle competitively, but in a group setup for fun it should be ok.

Don Zeko
27-01-2012, 05:15
I wouldn't even consider cannons the biggest problem with ridden monsters. They just don't have the killing power that you would get from spending those points on troops, so constantly have trouble with steadfast and are at more risk of going down to return attacks than any other similarly priced hammer. On top of that, most armies won't be able to take a level 4 caster along with a dragon or other big monster due to the 25% lords limit.

27-01-2012, 07:50
Lords on dragons have ridiculous killing power. What are you talking about? I guarantee a lord on dragon kitted out will get more kills in most situations than any troop choice in the VC book. Sword of +3 attacks, red fury, quickblood, plus the dragon's kills, plus the breath weapon. Your other points are fairly solid, and lords on dragons are not optimal by any means, but **** man, they kill stuff dead.

27-01-2012, 09:02
Add in Potion of Strength and/or Hellish Vigour and you can easily net 12 kills with the Vampire alone, at that point the Dragon is just rubbing salt in the wound. Not many things can take 20 wounds in one combat round.

27-01-2012, 14:01
I built a lot of different Vampire Lords on Dragons and they are most certainly on a boat. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUjx4_X1qA)

My only concern is other suped up characters challenging him and killing him.

My thoughts towards an army theme are very much Blood Dragon-esch. Unfortunately I am not that impressed with actual Blood Dragons, especially at that crazy price.

I haven't crunched numbers yet, but here is what I am looking at:

Vampire Lord on Dragon
LVL 2 Vampire Hero
LVL 2 Vampire Hero
50 Skeletons
4 units of 5 Dire Wolves
20-30 Ghouls
2 3-man Units of Vargheists (though really tempted to do a 6 man unit)
Maybe a Terrorgheist

Thoughts? Or am I making the worlds crappiest VC army.