View Full Version : 750pts Escalation League

27-01-2012, 06:45
Warrior Priest, AoMI, Great Weapon- 119pts

49 Halberdiers, Full Command- 265pts

10 Knights of the Blazing Sun, Gleaming Pendant, Musician- 259pts

5 Pistoliers, Outrider with Repeater Pistol- 107pts


Will this list work?

27-01-2012, 14:49
drop pistoliers and a couple knights and add a wizard lord...magic at this level will be pretty important

Brother Haephestus
27-01-2012, 23:38
I kind of have to agree with Zielonkak in regards to the Wizard, but I have no help at all for the troops (not smart on Empire.)

Been gearing up for some local action at the same level, and I've found my opponents unprepared for my level 1 Firebelly with Ring of Ruin, and I played against a Chaos player the other day that had a level 2 Sorc, a champion with level 1 book, and a standard that I had a hard time dealing with. From my own point of view, a Fireball slipped through doing 2d6 S4 hits can be pretty impactful at this level. At average rolls you are looking at 3-4 hits, which may well be enough to invoke a panic check on a good half of your opponent's forces.

OR ...

You could choose to go magic denial and take a Dispell scroll and whatever super-cool items Empire may have that will allow you to shut down the magic phase, allowing you to pistol-whip some faces. Again, I don't know what's available to Empire. For myself, I prefer the more aggressive approach - defense has not done me well as an Ogres tactic.