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27-01-2012, 15:40
Making a take on all comers list for a tournament. My main issues are what to put on the Executioners as a banner, and what to do with Cold One knights( no I am not Dropping them) there are tournament restrictions and I like the models. Just don't know what would be best for a banner and item for the champ on the CoK's. I was thinking Banner of Hag Graef for the I6 High elf like re-rolls every round, and of course striking first aint to bad either. I also though maybe the Rink of Hotek could be kind of tricksy, or maybe kit the champ up a bit for challenges. Here is the basic of my list, what do you think.

I have a lvl 4, and 2 lvl 2's as well. More for variety of spells than for overpowering magic phases as the dice can be fickle. To round out characters I have an ABSB on the stupendous Cauldron of Blood, with +1 movement banner.

Harpies x5
Corsairs x36 full command & frenzy banner
Repeating xbows x10
Repeating xbows x10

Executioners x32 flamming banner
Cold one Knights x6 full command, Hag Graef Banner, and something nice for the Champ.

War Hydra(duh)

27-01-2012, 15:49
You're looking at magic items and command upgrades completely the wrong way- you don't HAVE to take them, and your list would benefit from dropping some of them. The knights are too small to have anything other than a musician (get them up to 10 before adding anything else in if you absolutely must have them), and having the flaming banner on a combat unit when you could take a Fire level 2 mage is a bad idea. The +1 movement banner would be better on them, having it on the Cauldron is a waste.

You only need 36 Corsairs.

The xbows could do with musicians.

You also need a warrior bunker for the mage to hide in.

27-01-2012, 19:22
Why use cosairs at all... they are not worth the points.. the only thing that corsairs have is they look real cool and if your using them cause of that then go for it.

27-01-2012, 20:24
The main reason to use Corsairs is their damage output- if you're running a Shadow list then you want something with lots of attacks to make use of the spells that affect strength (Mindrazor) or Toughness (Withering). With 3 attacks each, Corsairs fit the bill perfectly, and they fit a very nice 350pts of your core tax.

08-02-2012, 12:19
take away one xbow unit and pump up the corsairs to 40x and the other xbow unit to 16x

the Witch kings regent
08-02-2012, 15:59
Cosairs are great. i had a unit of 37 take on a unit of 12 ogres with full command, fire belly, and a tyrant and held them up for 4 turns. they do great. also cold ones don't really make thier points unless you have ten and giving them full command is a good choice. along with the Crossbowman too. i dont know why you would only give them a musician. they don;t really have to move to do thier job. and Put the banner of Hag greaf on your BSB and place her in the Executioner unit. I5 Str6 is deadly. giving her the BSB the Rune of khaine and manbane. then she will proble strike around Str4-5 on usual with somewhere between 6-8 attacks. Whats the max points for the turnament?
From thier you could jugle around a few items and shuch for fun. the banner of movement is better served on the cold ones.

And if you have a points max like 2,000 you could use Crone hellbrone and two Lvl 2 wizards for your characters and have witch elves be core. that is a nasty list if you ever face it. i watch and army of crone 2 LVL 2's two hordes of 40 witches and with a horde of 40 executioners shred a chaos army with hardly any fight. and then a high elves deathstart army ( high elves with a huge unit of spearmen. got flanked on both sides with a unit of witches and the executioners)