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23-04-2006, 19:31
Hey all! Before buying a new WHFB army, I wanted to see if it could work. As some of you know from my other threads, I've been trying to decide on an army to play, and quite frankly the utility and agility of the Eshins amazes me (PLUS they don't have to use those stupid clanrats) so here's the list guys. Remember, I'm trying to make a competitive list while keeping it fluffy.

+Smoke Bombs
+Weeping Blade
Eshin Sorceror
+Smoke Bombs
+Tenebrous Cloak
+Lvl 2 Wizard

10x Night Runners
+Additional hand Weap
10x Night Runners
+Additional hand Weap
2x Rat Swarms

3x Jezzails
9x Gutter Runners
+Poisoned Weapons
+Black Skaven

Eshin Triad
+Smoke Bombs

Total: 998 pts
Edit: Total money cost from GW (Canadian price)
$200 plus tax = $230 exactly.

That's the list. I'm depending on scouting + skitterleap + 'Under cover of darkness' to essentially make this army super mobile while avoiding taking massive casualties. The Assasin, Sorc, and Triads are the big boys of the group, while all the Runners provide valuable support. The Swarm is there for tying up the heavier units while the Jezzails fire away on them (Swarms are 'expendable' hurrah)

All help with this list is greatly appreciated, considering I'm fairly new to WHFB and need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance =)

23-04-2006, 19:48
Seems to be a weak list, no offense to you, however. SoC is no longer legal in "competitive" environemtns anymore, so it's a little pointless to make this army for such cricumstances.

This list will not last too long at all against anyone with a rank bonus. You're basically relying on winning combats with two units of 10 night runners and a few assassins scattered about.

For this list I would drop the rat swarms, cut the gutter runners to six and give them tunneling with slings, drop the triad, and about about 3 more Night Runner units or so, and give EVERY Night Runner a sling (and get rid of the extra hand weapon). Also, drop the champions from the Night Runners and Gutter Runners as they are pointless. Also, bring up the jezzails to 5 atleast.

I'm not totally familiar with the Eshin list, but the changes that I have suggested seem be better than what you have.