View Full Version : Sub optimal 1000pts vc list, what to think about to not get tabled ?

27-01-2012, 21:54

Well I'm in this escalation campaign and we are doing the 1k step soon. Well I decided to not buy anything new for this step, since I'm already behind on painting and just use what I got, so I'm scraping points from inside my skeletons eyesockets here, and the list I first thought up can not be done without buying new stuff sooo :D

This is the list I will be using, I know it's severely lacking in the Infantry, but that will be rectified in the 1500pts step. Also this is every undead model I own, except for a wight king, that sadly have to stay at home ^^

Since the list wont be changing, it is up to me to lead this small warband as successfully as possible through the 1000pts step.

So what will be my biggest problem with this list? What can I do maximize my chances at a draw or minor victory/loss? And how can I best avoid being Tabled ?

Lv1, Armour of Silvered steel (isn't silver suposed to be bad for vampires... :shifty: )

Lv1, Cursed Book

30 Skeleton Warriors:175
Spear, Shield, Light Armour, Full command

10 Dire Wolves:80

10 Grave Guards:130
Heavy Armour, Shield, Standard, Musician

3 Vargheists:138



27-01-2012, 22:12
.... its pretty flimsy even for 1k.
on the good note, you can kill any warmachine on the table with this list.

its just going to be hard for you to handle any decent troops, or massed shooting.

anything that can pack a punch beyond what skellies can handle will crush you (yes, that is about everything setting aside gobbos, slaves, and zombies)

my suggestion, if you change nothing in this list, would be to avoid any major combat till turn 4-5. hopefully you can last 1-2 turns of combat and you will get a minor victory or a draw.

27-01-2012, 23:55
A lot depends on the army you face. With the terrorgheist and vargheists you can really hit small units pretty hard. If the oppenent doesn't have a lot of shooting/magic I'd look into delaying combat with the vargheists, gravegaurd terrorgheists as they won't last long. Pick fights with weak characters for the GG and vargheists and you should claim some easy VP as well as screaming at lone monsters, chariots or anything out of inspiring presence range. One of the first things I'd do with the vampire is get the ability to raise wolves beyond starting size as that could be surprising.

28-01-2012, 01:15
(isn't silver suposed to be bad for vampires... :shifty: )

If it's through their heart maybe. Otherwise, that's werewolves mate.