View Full Version : VC mixed choppy list.

28-01-2012, 07:38
Count: ogre blade, talisman of endurance, enchanted shield, heavy armour, quickblood, red fury, heavy armour.

Master necro, naked, lore of death

necro: scroll, vamps

40 ghouls

30 zombies, command

30 zombies, command

29 grave guard, banner of barrows

2 bat swarms

2 bat swarms

corpse cart with loadstone


4 blood knights, standard, flaming banner.

Vamp goes with zombies against pleb armies, GG against choppy armies. Run up the guts, swarm the enemy and then bring in the knights and gulfs from the flanks. knights double as regen hunters while the bats and gulf hunt chaff and war machines.

28-01-2012, 23:25
i could add it up, but what points are you playing at?
bloodknigts are good, but waay to easy to shoot down.

I would drop the vargulf, add the BoBK, drop some ghouls, and add the banner on a WK bsb. thats just me tho. It seems like a decent list.

29-01-2012, 07:26
i'll second that i'd definitely field the blood keep banner on the blood knights if you can possibly swing it, because they will draw a good deal of shooting from your opponent given their real and imagined brutality in combat. for what they cost to field you might as well give them as much protection as you can. i'm assuming you're worried about regenerating monsters or the like, but i almost feel like vampire counts can afford not to take flaming if only because they can just redirect or tarpit anything too worrisome to mash with high-strength attacks.

29-01-2012, 09:26
Banner blood keep is nice but still over priced in my eyes. With proper screen you can save the points

I wouldnt add banner on a wk though. It's just asking him to become a target for allocation.

30-01-2012, 04:43
the 4 knight unit is kind of an expendable one. It's probably going to spend a lot of the game hiding behind a hill or building just threatening any hydras, aboms or what have you that show their face. I'll probably bring them out around turn 3 when the bat swarms and varghulf have gone and eaten a few war machines or my main blocks are getting up in the guts. As they are they're cheap enough to use as reserves, adding more and/or the BOBK would mean I'd have to use them more aggressively.

also 2400 points. I actually think this is 2400 on the nose, but not exactly sure.