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28-01-2012, 19:39
I don't recall if i've ever used it due to it's price, but was wondering if it might be better than i considered it in the past.
it say that If the wielder pass their ward save in cc then the attacker lose a wound with no armor save allowed.

Does this mean no matter how many wardsaves cleared this is only 1 wound rebound that can be saved with the opponents ward save?
Or Is it more usefull and actually 1 for each ward save passed?(sounds unlikely)

Or is it a third way?

I somehow imagine the former else it's a really interesting on a suicide lord(against more expensive Lords)
Especially if paired with the other trickster's shard

28-01-2012, 22:36
Seems that for each ward save passed you suffer the wound. Still not worth 70pts IMO.

28-01-2012, 23:16
Then latter. Unfortunately, enemy lords usually have either a ward or regen, so each wound you suffer is only half a wound to your opponent. Hope you can do more damage to him than he is doing to you (which might be tricky since you have 25 more points to spend on offence/defence and have Elven stats, compared to probably much better basic stats on your opponent).

Suffice to say, the black amulet is best on a mounted lord, probably a cold one knight. Any armour save less than that and he will struggle to actually kill his opponent or hurt him.

29-01-2012, 12:58
That's the kicker with black amulet, you really don't want to have a really good armor save because then it doesn't work. I would expect this being used by a Supreme Sorceress as her only save.

29-01-2012, 17:17
1 wound caused per successful ward save.
Not overly handy given DE's have no access to re-rolls for wards, the item is hideously expensive, doesn't negate wards or regen and is the last chance to not die from something.

As Capt._Jaelinek pointed out, this is best on a sorceress as they have no armour but also because they have access to dark magic which can be used to health/increase their wounds value upto 6 wounds to make this item less of a suicidal thing for a nonsensical cost (nearly 300pts for it and a mage that can take it before any additional items!).

The previous black amulet was only 50pts and a 5+ ward, however it negated all saves so was actually useful against tooled up enemies.

29-01-2012, 19:22
The previous black amulet was only 50pts and a 5+ ward, however it negated all saves so was actually useful against tooled up enemies.Only worked in combat though, so it was only really useful on a suicide noble back in those days IMO.

31-01-2012, 14:39
So if the opponent make 10 attacks on the user and 6 are saved by the amulet the wearer dies but the attacker would suffer 6 wounds no armor save allowed?
again with the other tricksters shard this does sound appealing on a suicidal dreadlord(yes would be better on a sorceress but so would a lot of other magic items)

Sure i'd lose my ~250 points Lord but my opponent(when facing the combat heavy ones) risk losing 400-600 points of Lord

Not worth it vs Armies such as Empire but it sounds worth a try vs Chaos warriors, Vampire count, Tomb Kings, Ogres and the like

Ofcause i'm mainly considerijng this in 3000+ points battles

31-01-2012, 17:20
I dont really see the point. You pay 70 points for an item that to be efficient needs to be combined with something that gives you a high ward save in close combat. IF you are going to save 6 out of 10 wounds you need at least a 4+ ward (or be very lucky and I dont want to spend 250 points on the chance of being very lucky).

Once you have payed these points you need to go up against an army that has an expensive combat lord

You then have two options either you let your lord run around by himself in which case he will be a target for shooting/ magic and probably also make it clear that he is a target that the enemy lord doesnt want to face in close combat (I would assume that either my opponent is trying some trick on me or it is a waste of points to fight him. At least I would throw something else at him first).

Or you have to run him in a unit that would normally have a lord in it which suddenly increases the cost for that trick substantially.

Once in battle you need to get him into combat with the enemy combat lord without running into to many other things on the way (and of course without getting shot, sucked into the warp, fall down a pit etc)

31-01-2012, 19:56
anyway will try this one out

Black Amulet, the other trickster's shard, Soulrender,heavy armor, Shield, SDK, Cold one

285 points

Though I might hold him in a unit at the begining, It's mostly to try him out and I don't expect much if any shooting from my opponent though magic surely is a risk.(as is him not being stubon)

02-02-2012, 02:51
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