View Full Version : 2400 pts VC help me with lords and heroes

28-01-2012, 20:52

my dark elves are almost done, so i'll start a new army
at first i was thinking : strigoi army
but i'm not sure on the crypt ghoul core, maybe i should go for more "hybrid" built

here's my idea as it is now, no idea on the equipment on the ghoul king, please givem some advice

1728 pts now

40 Skeleton Warriors:250
Full Command, Screaming Banner, Spears
40 Skeleton Warriors:230
Full Command, Spears
20 ghouls: 200
2x5 wolves 80

10 blackknights
Full Command,Barding, Lances. 290pts
6 crypt horrors 228pts

2 terrorgheist : 450 pts

i think that the ghoul king on the third terrorgheist will add about 500 pts, i fear it will be too much because i won't have points left for necromantic support...
i might swap a skeleton group for more ghouls also, many many questions at the moment.

29-01-2012, 00:05
The only problem with the terror gheists are they need a vamp baby sitter

29-01-2012, 07:34
for what reason do terrorgheists need a babysitter? they can't march outside the general's Ld bubble, but they also fly and it's not like they aren't a threat moving freely at 10'' and screeching things to death.

also i'm inclined to use ghouls as support rather than fielding them in a huge block, because they are expensive, rather specialized, and don't have any innate saves. if you were going to rock a mortis engine to give them regeneration it might work out better, but they're a bit pricey to be horded up and they'll cost you a great deal if the block bites it.

given that you're fielding your skeletons with spears, it might actually be a good idea to field a mortis engine to support both blocks, since they'll get regen from it and that offsets the lack of a parry save.

also, you'll want some more casters besides your ghoul king, as he can only be lvl 1 and vampires really need to get a few spells out to pack a punch, particularly invocation. this further encourages the inclusion of a mortis engine because of the upgrade that gives each wizard in it's vicinity +2 to cast.

29-01-2012, 09:41
Best way if going ghoul king is then to have a few lvl 1 necros for spamming IoN. I would drop one terrorgeist. Take mortis engine and then use the old double screech ghoul king.

Ghoul king. Aura, curse of revenant, scabscrath and dragon gem. Terrorgeist.
Of course there is no problem in using the ghoul king off the Geist it's just fun usin a double scream

29-01-2012, 20:13

thanks for the advice, i'm changing the theme a bit, my first fantasy army was bretonnia. now i'll make the undead counterpart, will be a good theme for combined games in storm of magic
so i'll go for the doubleshriek ghoulking on terrorgheist
and 2 necromancers...

40 Skeleton Warriors:250
Full Command, Screaming Banner, Spears
40 Skeleton Warriors:230
Full Command, Spears
20 ghouls: 200
3x5 wolves 120

2x10 black knights 580

mortis engine