View Full Version : Where/how do you place cavalry units after an assault that drove the defenders out?

30-01-2012, 02:08
If a cavalry unit (or any unit that cannot garrison) wins a building assault and drives the defenders out in a flee move, where do you place the cavalry? More to the point, if the building-assault specialist Goblin spider riders with their Creeping Assault and Wall -Crawler rules drive out a defender where do they go?

The rule book says to move an assaulting unit 1" backwards if they do not garrison the building (with no option to reform). So after winning combat, do you have a cavalry unit with impassible terrain 1" directly in front of it? It would therefore be impossible to wheel past(or charge past) and possibly leave your cavalry between your army and the building? It seems like this invites the enemy to re-garrison and takes your cavalry out of the game (turn 1 assault, turn 2 reform, turn 3 move around building to face an enemy unit, turn 4 charge a unit if you haven't been charged or shot to death in the previous 4 turns).

Am I missing something or do the rules make cavalry assaults extremely ill-advised to the point of being useless? And for Goblin spider riders, what is the point of being good at building assaults if you must force yourself into such a disadvantageous position after routing a garrison?

30-01-2012, 05:25
Your analysis seems correct: Assaulting a building will tie up your cavalry for a few rounds. It may seem ill-advised in most cases to use cavalry to assault buildings since cavalrymen tend to be only slightly more skilled than infantrymen but are typically equipped with weapons that are less effective on foot (spears, lances). It is indeed an option made available to you, it's just not always a good idea to make use of it.

However, if you manage to pull off a successful quick-reform you can shave a round off the wait and get a new charge in turn 3. Getting a charge every second turn is still pretty good. Also, being behind a building may grant you the advantage of some hard cover against shooting, it may be difficult for the enemy to counter-charge (due to the building being in the way).

Spider Riders: Remember that they have the ability to treat empty buildings as open terrain. If you position them right when you charge then (when moved 1" back) they should be able to see a new enemy beyond the building they just assaulted. The implication here should be obvious: You may be able to freely charge or simply march or move out of this "disadvantageous position".