View Full Version : Skaven 2000pts of gunline

30-01-2012, 03:34
I generally play combat intensive armies (orcs and ogres) and wanted to go in a different direction with my skaven force. I'm looking to make a very defensive and shooting list, that really relies on shooting down as much as possible before my opponent reaches me.

-talisman of preservation, dispel scroll

Warlock engineer
-death globe

Warlock engineer
- doom rocket

Chieftan bsb

20 clanrats (bunker)
-full command, poison wind mortar

25 clanrats
-banner, msc, poison wind mortar

30 clanrats
-banner, msc, warpfire thrower

(2x) 50 slaves

(2x) Packmaster w/ 5 rats

(3x) 5 gutter runners
-slings, poison

(2x) Warp lightning cannons
Plague claw catapult

The greyseer and bsb go in the bunker which hides in the back. The warlocks go in the regular units and are one hit wonders really. The rat darts are either early drops or redirecters. The slaves move in and hold things up a few turns. And the gutter runners act as a general nuisance lending a hand in shooting. What are your experiences with skaven shooting lists? Is it viable?