View Full Version : Relative power level of the forces in LOTR?

31-01-2012, 20:26
Obviously I know that things are possibly due to have a bit of a tweak with the new releases next week, but how are the forces relatively balanced against one another?

31-01-2012, 20:44
I'm looking forward to the new possibilities with the Rohirim as they are fairly weak in the core rules.

Whitwort Stormbringer
31-01-2012, 20:55
Generally speaking I think most armies are fairly well balanced against each other. Certain forces are lacking in variety, especially the evil human forces, and balance-wise I often find that elite armies like elves are at a bit of a disadvantage against swarm armies like goblins or run-of-the-mill orcs (this tends to be true in lots of games). Dwarves, being tough as they are, are a little less prone to being overwhelmed by a swarm though. I often have trouble with an all-Mirkwood army too since they're unarmored, and therefore pretty easy to kill, but still have high point costs due to their high stats in other areas.