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01-02-2012, 09:44
Goblin Warboss
-Fencer's Blade
-Glittering Scales
-Dragonbane Gem
-Ironcurse Icon

N. Goblin Great Shaman
-lvl 4
-Feedback Scroll

N. Goblin Shaman
-lvl 1
-Ruby Ring of Ruin

N. Goblin Big Boss
-Banner of Eternal Flame
-G. Weapon

Goblin Big Boss
-Gigantic Spider
-L. Armor
-S. Bow
-Enchanted Shield

60 x N.Goblins

40 x N.Goblins
-Fanatics x 2

20 x N. Goblins
-S. Bows
-Fanatics x 2

5 x Spider Riders
-S. Bows

5 x Spider Riders
S. Bows

Goblin Chariot

Goblin Chariot

Goblin Chariot

4 x Trolls

2 x Trolls

1 x Rock Lobber
1750 on the dot

C&C? I don't want this to be too crazy. I am waiting to convert a Mangler, waiting on an Arachnarok as well to arrive...

01-02-2012, 18:45
I suggest ordinary goblin great shaman instead of that night goblin one. He will be much more reliable.

01-02-2012, 20:50
Are you referencing the mushroom dice? I am truly torn about this one. Sometimes it is worth it to have those extra dice, but then I know that unfortunate "1" could screw it all up... Consider your suggestion under consideration.

01-02-2012, 21:03
Dude mushrooms add to the fluff. Go for it