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01-02-2012, 16:59
Hey all,

So, this is my first attempt at a competitive 2000 point VC list. Here we go:

Vampire Lord (496p)
* Level 4
* Sword of Bloodshed
* Potion of Strength
* Enchanted Shield
* Red Fury
* Quick Blood
* Heavy Armour
[Lore of Vampires]

Necromancer (110p)
* Dispel Scroll
* Master of the Dead
[Lore of Vampires]

Necromancer (100p)
* The Cursed Book
[Lore of Vampires]

29x Skeletons (200p)
* FC
* Screaming Banner

30x Skeletons (180p)
* FC

18x Zombies (64p)
* FC

5x Dire Wolves (40p)

5x Dire Wolves (40p)

30x Grave Guard (428p)
* FC
* Great Weapons
* Banner of the Barrows

1x Spirit Host (45p)

1x Spirit Host (45p)

5x Cairn Wraiths (250p)

Total points: 1998

Vampire Lord goes with the Grave Guard. They are flanked on either side by a unit of Skeletons. Behind the Grave Guard is the Necro bunker. The Skeleton units are deployed in such a way that they defend the flanks of both the Grave Guard and the Zombies (by deploying Grave Guard slightly further forwards, spearhead-like). Wolves are chaff for deployment and redirectors. Spirit Hosts can be chaff too but preferably tarpits for scary stuff. Cairn Wraiths are a secondary hammer / support unit.

Basic idea is pretty simple. The VC lord and the Grave Guard are the absolute hammer in the army and will pick out the hardest enemy unit they can still manage to kill. Rest if held up by skeletons and spirit hosts until the hammer is done and can engage another enemy unit. All the while, I will try to spam IoN to repair/increase my own units.

01-02-2012, 18:34
Your lord is... well frankly, not protected enough. 3+ armour save is not sufficient for an almost 500pts lord, who is also your main caster. I know the idea of potion of strength is lovely (8 S8 attacks with red fury and probably rerolls to hit? Hell yeah), it's frankly not worth it. Something like Sword of Strife, Talisman of Preservation and filler (enchanted shield, perhaps) will do you much better. Yes, you won't hit as hard (although seriously, 7 S5 with red fury + quickblood is still angry), but you shouldn't be losing combat with that unit anyways. And you're far more likely to live - as it is, a single killing blow can happily ruin your day. T5 W3 3+ is simply not enough.
If you absolutely have to take that combo, take a ghoul king. The 5+ regen is a minimum of protection, and frenzy is always nice (although killing blow can still ruin your day).

Otherwise, not bad!

02-02-2012, 01:29
Zombies are 20+ in new Army Book.

02-02-2012, 08:50
I suggest changing up your character loadout just a tad. So you can split up the caster side and the combat side with those points:

Master Necromancer w/ Lvl4 & Cursed Book = 235pts

Vampire w/ Red Fury, Sword of Might, Heavy Armor/Enchanted Shield = 184pts (Or, Quickblood + Fear incarnate instead of Red Fury. Sword of Might is to guarantee more wounds, making red fury start up more often than lower strength attacks)
Wight King w/ BSB, Dragonhelm, Great Weapon = 125pts
Necromancer w/ Lvl2, MoTD, Dispel = 145pts

This leaves you with 17 points compared to your previous build. You can drop the necro back to level 1 and get 52 points to add to a ward save or something for your General. You can use the 17 points to give him the opal amulet (for a single 4+ ward) or you can do something else with it. EDIT: 17points is an extra Grave Guard + the Ironcurse Icon for whatever character ends up standing with the GG (like the BSB).

Just a thought. You have more hitting power split up and you wrangled the points for a BSB.

02-02-2012, 09:06
Thanks for the responses so far! :)

@ Gaargod: I realise it's a risk to have a relatively unprotected lord. I am hoping to kill any threats before they have a chance to strike. I'm usually a fan of protecting my characters a little better. However, this is just something I want to try out. I will save your setup recommendations so I can try them out in my next game! Thanks!

@ Necromancer: Cr*p, true thing. Thanks!

@ Reiko321: I'm still undecided whether splitting up casting and combat or having them all-in-one is the way to go. The fighty VC lord basically guarantees you can take on almost ANY other lord level character, something I'm not sure about with a regular hero. If there is no enemy lord/hero, I can kill RnF by the dozen.

If the point of the list wasn't to smash through everything with that one grave guard unit, reducing its damage potential might not be such a bad thing. However, in this list, the grave guard HAS to kill whatever it comes across because it's the only (and thus needs a fighty lord) thing that really packs a punch. In a differently designed list, it might be a better idea to spread out the damage potential over multiple units by using slightly cheaper heroes and wight kings.

Also, I'm sold on a BSB for VC. I used to run one with the old book but that was mostly because of "swords of kings + potion of speed" for assassinating tough characters. The kills that the wight king adds doesn't exactly make a world of difference. Again, this list needs focused and brutal damage output from one unit...that's at least how I see it.

Having a level 4 necro + level 2 necro is a nice feature to be sure you get all the right spells. I will play around with a necro lord + backup heroes in my next lists. Thanks!

Of course, I'm just throwing my ideas out there. Feel free to tell me you disagree! :)

02-02-2012, 09:19
Interesting list.

Its maybe a tad slow due to lack of vampiric units or cavalry. I'd recommend swapping Cursed Book for Book of Arkhan as I think you'll rly need Vanhel's to go off.

Also be aware that spirit hosts probably cant hold scary stuff. Ranks and banner will prolly make them go puff in the first round. Since you got wolves for redirectors I'd slap the 2 Hosts together. That way they have a chance of holding stuff up

02-02-2012, 14:52
If he plans on doing what I do with hosts its fine. Charge them into hydras etc.

For 250 spen in the wraiths I think you could better invest in something else.
You lord can't take on almost any other lord. His way too under protected. Nightshroud is in my opinion a must have for front line vamps

02-02-2012, 15:00
@ Cursed Book: Yeah I dont know either. I keep reading how awesome it is so I just wanna give it a spin, but I also feel that the Book of Arkhan will be a better addition in my mainstay list, rather than something random as the cursed book.

@ Spirit Host: Exactly, they are there for monsters and holding up flankers and things with low static CR.

@ VC Lord: I'll play a couple of games with him, see how he survives and then rethink his loadout if he dies too often.

@ Holdup/tarpit: actually both skeleton units are there to hold up stuff, until my hammer has time to come around and mob things up.

03-02-2012, 00:13
I think its a decent list. I agree with the above comments, but i do think it will preform pretty decently against most armies that you will find out there.

03-02-2012, 14:55
I stole your spirit hosts for my list and love them! They move with my Lord/BloodKnights and have clogged up a Hellcannon, Boltthrowers, a Terrorgeist and taken out two wandering wizards!
Yes they die to ranked units but with decent maneuvering they shouldn't regularly get charged by ranked units.
So you have improved my list!

03-02-2012, 17:04
Nice army list, I played a Vc army for 12 years or so. The wraiths can be cool
against some elite units. But when you are playing against Ogres or Chaos I surly
should choise a terrorgheist instead. When you have a battle vs Bretonniers or Elfs
(HE, WE or DE) i should choose 5 Blood Knights with their Banner :)

Let us know which army list you decided to make after these advises ;)

04-02-2012, 17:58
I am planning on using a Terrorgheist and the 5 Wraiths in my 2.4k list (which I play more often). Blood Knights I don't have them...I might convert them once I finish painting everything else bc I'll never pay for the regular ones ($$$$$$$$$). :P

Just had my first game with the list. Unfortunately we didn't have time to finish;

*Didn't think about using the Cursed Book, just because I needed my dice for other spells which I KNEW would have an effect I actually needed. Im gonna give the book another try in my next game but I think I will want the Book of Arkhan instead. I didn't roll Vanhells but really wanted it for my grave guard and wraits.

*The lord + Grave Guard kicked ass. They were going up against Frenzied Warriors of Chaos with Halberds. My lord killed nine, he killed 14 grave guard, the grave guard killed another 13 warriors or so (that was way above average as I only missed 2). He broke and ran.

*Wraiths performed SO good too. I never played them aggressively enough, did this time. Charged a unit of 5 Dragon Ogres first turn, did eight wounds (killing two), they ran (didn't catch them). Next turn charged his Lvl4 Chaos Sorcerer. They're gonna stay in my list :)

*Spirit Host was really nice to have, turning another unit of 30 Warriors of Chaos to a flank and letting them overrun away from my line.

*Zombies, damn...i started with 20, after the first magic phase I had 53 *wtf* I loved having three casters with IoN!

*The dire wolves didn't do much. Against warriors there's not that many units and the spirit hosts alone did a good job of redirecting them.

04-02-2012, 18:51
Ur lord is gonna get mashed. You will hand victory over after that.

04-02-2012, 19:15
If that happens too often, I will change its setup. Until now, it's 1 for the setup, 0 for the critics ;)

04-02-2012, 19:56
If that happens too often, I will change its setup. Until now, it's 1 for the setup, 0 for the critics ;)

Aye just be careful. As soon as your opponent wise up to the trick they'll be out to counter him. Better prepare for it

05-02-2012, 08:16
Im just saying what will happen, any half decent opponent will under a fight test your vampire, and he will see that its the softest target in the whole army for its pts. 500 pts for 3 wounds at T5 with 3+ armor...

I wish you best of luck and hope it will be fun atleast.