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01-02-2012, 23:17

Elicaryn Calaelen
-Supreme Sorceress, Level 4, Lore of Shadow
-Sacrificial Dagger, Seal of Ghrond


Alliyanna Calaelen
-Sorceress, Level 2, Lore of Shadow
- Dispel Scroll

Lady Selene Calaelen and Cult of Bleeding Wounds
- Death Hag with Cauldron of Blood and Battle Standard

"Prince" Maeglin Calaelen
-Master with Enchanted Shield, Armour of Fortune


Maeglin's Raiders
41 Dark Elf Warriors with Musician, Standard Bearer with Banner of Murder

Lady's Guards
40 Dark Elf Warriors with Musician, Standard Bearer


Nobles of House
- Dark Elf Chariot
- Dark Elf Chariot
- Dark Elf Chariot


Pets of House
- War Hydra
- War Hydra

Total: 1996

What you think? Is it solid?

01-02-2012, 23:51
The Seal is nice, but you don't really need it.

I'd go with Fire/Metal on the baby mage, the 4 levels of Shadow magic on the big mage will be enough to do the heavy lifting, but Shadow magic can often be a little bit redundant in the early phases of the game unless you can abuse the Withering with shades, for example.

The Master atm is illegal with 2 bits of magic armour, and tbh there's also really no place for fighty characters on foot in a DE list- they just don't do enough to be worthwhile, and this chap for example is half the cost of a Black Guard unit, and he'll do much less than a BG unit would.

I'm not really a fan of big warrior units. Split 20 off of one of the units, give them full command and the Standard of Discipline and you have a perfect set of ablative wounds and power dice for the level 4 :). The rest of the warriors would be better off getting swapped for Corsairs- with Shadow magic, Corsairs are much much better than Warriors at killing stuff because they can abuse the strength boosting or toughness reducing spells much more effectively by merit of having 3 times as many attacks. With warriors, you need to get a whole lot of them (30-40) into combat in order to have a good number of attacks, whereas with Corsairs you only need to get the front rank (30 attacks) into combat- the second and third ranks are, in my experience, there to sometimes add a few supporting attacks but more often to make sure that you get that front rank into combat and abuse your 10pt S8 core infantry with 3 (or even 4) attacks...

Triple chariot is interesting, but I'm not sure how well it'll work. It relies heavily on the hydra support, and I really just don't rate double hydra, or even a single hydra. They're just far too easy to deal with, and once they go you have no real hitting power after the initial chariot punch, and the chariots don't really grind very well in an offensive role.

02-02-2012, 00:18
A Character can wear a magical shield and a magical armour, it's written in rulebook. I can swap he for another Sorceress.

I'm buying my Warriors as my anvils, i will use chariots and hydras as my hammer, i don't like to use Wizards, they always letting me down in games with their broken concentrations and miscasts. I tried a double chariot double hydra list against warriors of chaos and they slaughtered through their ranks with ease, they didn't take a wound while doing it. I think Hydras are amazing, because they are durable and they can deal a lot of wounds, with a chariot to help them they even forced a chaos warriors regiment to flee. Yes they are very easy to deal with, just like other Dark Elf units

02-02-2012, 01:47
No, you cannot use a magical shield and armour. Pg 500 "Each model can only carry one of each type of magic item".