View Full Version : 2200 pts tournament List [tomb kings]

Marshal Augustine
02-02-2012, 00:52
This is version 2 of the list.

HLP Lv 4- Earthing Rod Hiero, ironcurse icon

Lv2 Scroll Light
Tomb Prince Chariot Sword of Striking Armour of Fortune Dragonbane Gem Shield

20 Bow, Banner musician
6 Chariots Banner flame banner
5 Horse Archers
10 Bowmen

3 Carrion
3 Knights
1 Warcat with roar

2 SSC's
1 Hierotitan
1 Casquet

Thoughts? I am thinking of 2 units of 15 archers each with a banner for B&G... but thats just a thought.