View Full Version : New brets thinking about match ups

02-02-2012, 05:38
So i got my Brettonians mostly painted and now looking for the match up advice, heres what i think so far based on playing with my Empire

Ogres i figure wont be to hard considering i can out model them and with higher initiative and charge range i can break them easily with either a double lance charge or single lance with hero

Lizards mostly just anti magic them and Break their blocks of saurus with a double or even triple lance, skinks havent been a challenge for anyone really unless they got chamelon skinks and even then....

Chaos Demons and Warriors are chaos so it really comes down to generalship in my experiance

Skaven is just an uphill slog with their numbers so.....

Empire im pretty confident in fighting since i really know the army ins and outs

Dark elves and high elves are a pain with all their buffs and unit types

Wood elves, please.

Bretonia would be an interesting mirror

Tomb kings and Vamps i thnk is just picking a fight i can win or at least nuetralizing their Vamp/priest

Let me know what ya'all think and any advice is appreciated

02-02-2012, 06:20
I'm also starting Brets.

I had figured that facing Skaven wouldn't be an entirely uphill battle given 13th can't be cast on Cavalry.