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02-02-2012, 08:30
the LGS is having a 2000pt tournament coming up and I would like to try the new VC. Below is my first incarnation...please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Master Necromancer [General] (Vampires), Lvl4, Cursed Book, Seed of Rebirth
Master Necromancer (Vampires), Lvl4, Master of the Dead, Dispel
Lords = (edit: whoops! 490pts, thx)

Spear Skeletons x25 w/ FC & Screaming Banner
Skeletons x25 w/ FC
Zombies x24 w/ Mu. & Std
Zombies x25 w/ Mu & Std
Core = 502pts

Grave Guard x21 w/ GW's, Banner of the Barrows & FC
Crypt Horrors x4
Fellbats x2
Fellbats x2
Special = 548pts

Mortis Engine
Mortis Engine w/ Tome
Rare = 460pts


This will be an all-comers list for the tourney. I love the fact that I can squeeze in two level 4 casters at this point level. It allows me to get every spell + invocation twice.

I am unsure on the crypt horrors since I only have four of them but I find it hard not to take them in some capacity with the Mortis Engines. The Graveguard are the obvious hammer and with both casters being able to throw every non-boosted spell thru Raise Dead on two dice and even boosted vanhel's the IoN spam should go thru more often than not. Eventually people are going to have to choose on me rezing my GG/boosting the other units, or letting combat spells go thru.

I love that on the average winds of magic roll of seven, I will be throwing 3-4 spells per turn (on no higher than two dice.) With the opponent most likely needing 3 dice to counter each one. The mortis engine is looking more attractive the more I look it. +6 to cast spells is no joke, especially at this point level. And once I get within 18" I will be using the cursed book if the winds allow it. I pick that range because that is the shortest range of any of the spells on the list. Regarding that book; three of the six spells are RIP and the enemy will have to choose in their turn whether to dispel it or cast their own spells.

I don't expect the skeletons and zombies to do much other than hold up the other guy and I started them at a lower number since I do expect to be getting IoN thru on a regular basis and they should be growing pretty fast.

Lastly, I squeezed in the two units of fellbats to warmachine hunt and roadblock/redirect.

Thanks for reading!

02-02-2012, 09:29
I feel like the cursed book is going to be totally wasted when you have a potential 6 spells to cast per turn. That's an item you put on a punk level 1 because you don't have any good spells to cast.

The points value on your lords allotment isn't correct.

You get yourself a champion for those skeletal units, they are invaluable. I'd recommend musicians too. Your army lacks both speed and punch and the rare slot is where you can get both.

Both units of skeletons should be spear. The parry save given to you with Hw&S doesn't' stack with mortis engine regeneration so you might as well get more attacks out of the price you paid for it.

The army strikes me as slow with a lack of range to capitalize on it. It might have the resilience to weather shooting with a good regen save and 2 casters keeping it afloat though.

I'm not sure if the 2nd mortis engine is going to be as good as something that is actually reliably killy.

02-02-2012, 09:48
You are correct about my Lords... it was a typo. They total to 490 (each are 245) and that was what I was basing my numbers on the whole time. Regardless, I will correct the mistake, thanks!

I do have full commands on the skeleton units (FC), I typed it out on the zombies because they are only allowed musicians and standards.

I see what you mean about the cursed book.. but I don't really want to be throwing more than three dice tops at my spells. The miscast chance from the engine would wreck me, and with the +6 should do ok with three dice max.

If I free up those 35pts I would have to think about what to replace it with...

I have been debating the value of the 2nd Mortis Engine... I could replace it with a corpsecart/lodestone and still have 100+ pts to work with. I will have to think about that one for sure. I do like that two engines give my line troops a 5+ regen if they are in range, and that is also why I left hw/sh on one of the units of skeletons (because not everything can be in range of the engines.)

What do you think I should do to speed up the list? The bats fly, and the horrors can move 12" if needed... but the rest should be in march range of the general (barring maybe one unit towards a flank). This list is purely theoryhammer for the moment... I will have to get some games in to see how it works in practice.

Edit: could switch the 2nd engine + cursed book for a unit of bloodknights x5 (no command) for some punch... but I don't know how much better they would be. The extra 5pts would be something like the ironcurse icon.

03-02-2012, 00:28
Well. After looking at this list I have to ask several points/questions
1. do you not have access to more Crypt Horrors or GG? you need more of either/or in a 2k list.
2. My biggest problem on your list is you are depending on average rolls for winds. with a miscast/sub par phase or two your army will fall apart.

dont get me wrong. I am thinking of doing something like this myself and i really like your idea! Let us know how it plays out.

03-02-2012, 00:37
i would add 10 black knights before i add 5 blood knights