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02-02-2012, 14:43
Hey All

This is my attempt at a relatively competitive empire army for 8th ed I've play tested it in smaller games with certain units etc still not 100% what to attach each of the detachments to so some advice or whatnot would be appreciated.


Arch Lector- Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Barded warhorse 158pts

Arch Lector - Heavy Armour, Great Weapon 137pts


Captain BSB - Armour of Meteoric iron and dawnstone 125pts

Warrior Priest - Heavy Armour Great Weapon 98pts

Warrior Priest -Heavy Armour Great Weapon 98pts

Battle Wizard - Level 2 100pts


39 Halberds FC 215pts

39 Halberds FC 215pts

(I have 4 detachments of 10 Handguns at 80pts each but don't know where to attach them)

9 Knights FC 247

10 Knights FC 270


Cannon 100pts

Cannon 100pts

Mortar 75pts

Mortar 75pts

28 Great Swords FC 310pts


Steam Tank 300pts

Total 2943pts

03-02-2012, 22:03
- No War Altar?
- No Level 4?
- Halb blocks of 50 have more staying power, for not that many more points.

04-02-2012, 00:12
Well solid or beardy magic defense depending on who you ask. Withthat he dont need lvl 4 (and stop saying lvl 4's are mandatory)

Few comments.

1. Your infantry will lose attacks very quickly. Halberdiers die like flies and theyll swiftly lose effectiveness

2. Your priests/lectors are pretty crucial to your army, but are veritably naked. Empire has reasonably low Initiative. Expect your priests to die before you get to strike....and expect to lose all combats because of it.

3. Personal preference speaking.Think your army could do with some chaff detachments otherwise disposible units for all the redirecting and such. Not every army needs it, but I always find em useful

Personally I hate this army. It runs solely on hatred gimmick and fluff-wise it's an abomination

04-02-2012, 13:20
@ Calnen, not a huge fan of using magic i have to say , plus with that army its far easier just to be able to block 90% of spells, i have debated taking a level 4 but considering all of my friends who i play against take sniping weapons they die far to fast. Also i do want a war alter but with strong rumours of a new empire army book i refuse to buy the horrific model that is currently about.

I am in two minds about taking 50 rather than 40, but this is currently what i have to hand I'm sure they will eventually reach 50 each.

@Wesser I agree with the halberdiers business dying like flies i think bulking up to 50 may be the best way, other than knights there isn't really many troops with staying power.

I agree with the the warrior priest comments, both of them, i agree its not very fluffy (In personal fluff I've tried to make it out as a crusading army but that's lose to say the least) Main reason for them is purely the fact that points/effectiveness they are best in an empire army, i think i will play around with the heroes etc was quite surprised on the effectiveness of my BSB fighting just on base stats the other day. With regards to the Chaff, what have you got in min, i have been toying for a long while with whether to get some pistoliers/outriders Can't really think of other chaff units, i have a unit of swords men i could use as chaff

Thanks for opinions, sorry you hate the list so much Wesser :(

Ajax of Khemri
04-02-2012, 15:13
My spring/summer for this year is to put together the Empire army I've always wanted, and I seem to be leaning in the same direction as the Original Poster. See below for the list, but let me share my thoughts:

Let me begin by saying that my group normally operates under two restrictions not normally part of the game. First, we all find the inclusion of Special Characters to be a 'no go,' in regular pick-up games and in-shop tourneys. Second, we usually place a limit on magic items to no more than 10% of the lists value. It was actually myself and the shop owner that came up with the idea, and the entire regular WHFB crowd seems to have really taken to it. We all generally frown on "death stars" and "herohammer," and have a high regard any list that emphasizes grunt troops and less "power" combos. This list was designed with these restrictions in mind.

My thinking is to rely on a refused flank deployment; Handgunners, Mortar, and Battle Wizard will form the "anchor" flank; Halberdiers, Altar and Knights will be the "manuver" element on the other flank; The Greatswords, Cannon, and BSB will be in the center as "pivot." The wizards will be deployed as best suits their spells, generally using the Lores of Life or Heavens, with a preference for putting the level two with the Handgunners (hence, the Ironcurse Icon) and the level four with the Greatswords (hence, Armor of Tarnus). The Pegasus Captain is meant to hunt down Scouts, mid-sized beasts, lone wizards, and other such targets. (i.e, Gutter Runners, Great Eagles, etcetera).

Strengths include a very strong Dispel Pool, steadfast Infantry, and volume of shooting; Weaknesses are likely a weak offensive Magic phase, limited mobility, and no real "elite" close combat element. Hopefully, I can rely on quantity over quality...

Expanding it to 3,000 points would mean bulking up the Halberdiers to a full 49+Priest, adding another cannon and mortar, and probably trying to squeeze another five knights in there (either as a second rank to the existing unit or seperatly). More magical trinkets would also be purchased, with a a continued emphasis on keeping the force-multiplier heroes alive.

LORD UNITS ( 495 Pt / 19.8% )
ARCH-LECTOR (War Altar; Sword of Swift Slaying) [ 250 Points ]
WIZARD LORD (Level 4; Armor of Tarnus) [ 245 Points ]

HERO UNITS ( 560 Pt / 22.4% )
CAPTAIN / BATTLE STANDARD BEARER (Armor of Destiny) [ 125 Points ]
CAPTAIN (Pegasus; Full Plate, Shield; Dragon Bow) [ 134 Points ]
BATTLE WIZARD (Level 2; Ironcurse Icon) [ 105 Points ]
WARRIOR PRIEST (Heavy Armor, Two Hand Weapons) [ 98 Points ]
WARRIOR PRIEST (Heavy Armor, Two Hand Weapons) [ 98 Points ]

CORE UNITS ( 980 Pt / 39.2% )
HALBERDIERS (x41, w/ Priest; 7x6 formation; Full Command) [ 225 Points ]
HALBERDIERS (x41, w/ Priest; 7x6 formation; Full Command) [ 225 Points ]
HANDGUNNERS (x20, w/ Wizard; 10x2 formation; Full Command) [ 180 Points ]
Det: HANDGUNNERS (x10, 5x2 formation) [ 80 Points ]
Det: HANDGUNNERS (x10, 5x2 formation) [ 80 Points ]
KNIGHTS (x5; Full Command; War Banner) [ 190 Points ]

SPECIAL UNITS ( 465 Pt / 18.6% )
GREATSWORDS (x26, w/ Wizard Lord & BSB; 7x4 formation; Full Command) [ 290 Points ]
GREAT CANNON [ 100 Points ]
MORTAR [ 75 Points ]

MAGIC ITEMS ( 140 Pt / 5.6% )

The War Altar already gives the Archlector a respectable 5+/4++/MR(2) save, the Sword of Swift Slaying helps him to survive any combats he might have to face solo; the lower ranks Warrior Priests will need to rely on 5+ armor, 2+ Look Out Sir, and Armor of Contempt prayers (4++). The Wizard Lord gets the Armor of Tarnus which gives him a leg up on most wizards with a 6+/5++ (plus, Look Out Sir), the all-important Battle Standard rocks the pricey Armor of Destiny, but the 5+/4++ is worth every point to keep him alive. These two will also have the support of the Great Swords, who make a solid bodyguard. The low level Wizard is banking on being a low priority target, but Look Out Sir and the Ironcurse Icon give some safety - although the Icons main purpose is to give my missile bloc some safety from cannons, bolt throwers, and the like; 6++ ain't much, but it is better than nothing. The so-called 'Captasus' is probably the most vulnerable, he'll be operating solo and presents a strong threat to certain opponents... but, I plan to play keepaway games with him to try to limit his exposure.

Obviously, my deployment plan and the formations listed above are subject to change. But I like to have some sort of plan when I draw up the army list.