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02-02-2012, 17:41
Just read this little bit about possible hints of the 6th ed starter.

"Fingers crossed... DA's and CSM.
-Not "just" CSM :)
Demons too?
-No :)
Cultists / Traitor Guardsmen perhaps?

This makes me happy and my wallet cry.

I toyed with buying a Guard army a while back and even bought up some cheap metal guardmans on ebay, but I deemed it too expensive to start another 40K amry after the Daemon codex.

Now it looks like they are hitting me in my weak spot.

Starter box with CSM\traitor guard Vs Dark Angels (with my dremel these will be traitor as well, maybe chosen).

Pretty smart too. If they make the box right Dark Angels Vs Fallen+guard\followers would make a great story for a starter box.

This would also mean the next CSM codex would need to include options for followers.

I for one like this rumor. I don't think it is going to be power armor vs power armor.

02-02-2012, 17:43
Look at it this way though: every starter set has been getting more and more plastic crack, while only increasing in price slightly.

Your wallet can rest, for those mini's will be on ebay a plenty soon after it comes out.