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02-02-2012, 18:08
Teto Eko Goes to Waaagh Paca!

I rolled into Waaagh Paca Friday afternoon and got a chance to catch up with a bunch of cool dudes. McClure was still painting is army as well as a few others. Some of the LaCrosse boys were playing Malifaux. I ended up playing Gears of War with my buddy Kent and then some Dungeon Run with a couple guys I hadn't met before. Nicol didn't get in til real late due to plane problems, so the drinking went til about 4AM.

Saturday morning I am in the shower and Kent comes in and loses the Gatorade he had just drank. I guess his stomach wasn't ready for it after the previous night.

We all make it over for the tourney and round one I am paired up against John Wenger's DE.

My list was:
Slann Lore of Heavens
Focus of Mystery
Focused Rumination
Soul of Stone
Higher State
Dispel Scroll
Curse Charm
Dragonbane Gem

Tetto Eko

Saurus Warriors x25

Saurs Warriors x24 with spears

Chameleon Skinks x7


Salamander Hunting Pack X2

Salamander Hunting Pack X2

His list had:
Level 3 Shadow?
Repeater Crossbows

John was a lot of fun to play and we had a really close game. The goal of the game was to get rid of your opponent's fortitude, which I ended up having more left at the end of the game than he did. Thanks to some good rolls at the end of the game and his spears breaking. My chamos got his cauldron down to one wound, but then got wiped out by harpies. If I could have got one more wound on it I think the game would have been mine easily as the executioners probably would have broke at some point earlier if they weren't stubborn. I was also a bit boneheaded and should have maybe put more attacks on his BSB as they would have broke a couple of times without him as well and he was a fortitude.

I believe I got 3 out of 4 pts this game and John gave me some of a cordial he made himself. It was an excellent start to the weekend.

Round 2 I played Ted from Lords of War. He had broken ogres:)
2 sets of 3 mournfang
Scouting Maneaters
Iron Blaster
saber tusk
lvl 4 butcher

My army basically got wiped out this game, but luckily the goal of the game was to deploy an objective marker in the center of the table and try to keep your opponent from haing one there. We both ended up deploying ours and destroying our opponents, so we drew. At one point I got a comet off int this game that hit four of his units. I got like 13 hits on his saber tusk. I wish I would have rolled that for his mournfang instead:)

I am now sitting at 6 of 8 pts.

Round 3 was another Lords of War player. Zach Shelling and his Bretts.
Grail Knights
Grail Pilgrims
Lvl3 life
peg knights
two knight busses

First turn my chamos took out his treb and then they got his archers too run for the rest of the game til they were off the table. The scenario was too kill as much as possible, so it was potentially possible that both of us could have gotten the full 4 pts. His mage miscast on the first turn regrowing one grail knight then lost regrowth. His next turn he puts up throne and destroys about a dozen saurus with Dwellers, but then fails to roll 2+ on thrones and loses dwellers, so is left with a Lvl 1 with Thrones:) I guess he can still use the attribute. At the end of the game I had everything of his and he got my one block of saurus that he had dwellered but then charged. Zach was a lot of fun even though his things didn't go too well for him and he got my best opponent vote although it was a very hard choice. All of my opponents were in the running.

Now sitting at 10 of 12 pts.

That night was another night of drinking and the mustache contest. There was also the parade of banners and they announced the current standings for the best club award and we were in the lead. I played some Summoner Wars with Nicol too after the Mustache Contest. Kent went back to the room, but Nicol and I stayed for last call. Nicol was still finishing his beer, so I left without him to go get in bed, but he arrives a few minutes later with the rest of the bar at our room. At which point the drinking continues til like 4 when nicol hit the bathroom and lost the Jeremiah Weed he had just chugged out of my bottle. He then went to the bed and slept in all his clothes and shoes:)

Sunday we all make it over for round one where I am paired vs. Miel's Empire. I know he is a really good player, but I think I have a pretty good shot with the match-up. My double Heavens Loremaster should hopefully blast up his gun-line.

He has:
2 Cannons
2 Mortars
block of hand-gunners with lvl 4 shadow
block of great-swords with swordsmen detachment

The scenario is all about who controls the most table quarters with fortitude. My comet finally does blow up all his war machines, but only after my block of sword and board get withered and take some mortar shots. I end up getting down to just my man of intrigue in that unit to get across the table for the deployment of the objective marker. Meanwhile my salamanders are putting the hurt on his units. He does get his flagellants across the center line and deploys his objective marker. I snuff it with my slann thoug and destroy the rests of his flagellants with a charge from the steg and the sallies. He then miasmaed my man of intrigue to prevent him from deploying the marker on that turn and then next turn he picks him off with the hochland long rifle to prevent me from getting the objective point. On my last turn I use wind blast to push the last little bit of his greasword that still have a BSB and General in the unit into the next table quarter so he just controlled one at the end of the game and I controlled 2.

Now at 13 of 16 pts.

The last scenario I get paired up against another gun-line, so I am fairly happy with that. Also a fun opponent Rob Phaneuf, so really happy with that.

He had:
Organ Gun
Grudge Thrower

This scenario is kind of an old school victory pts one with table quarters and banners worth 100 pts. I end up getting a comet off that takes out all of his war machines and my chameleons. My salamanders chew up a good chunk of his army. He gets his objective marker deployed and then concedes. I felt a little bit bad about this win as not only were my comets and salamanders chewing him up, but his own units were misfiring quite a bit.

Overall it was an amazing tourney and the Twisted Troop did get Best Club and brought home the Heine-Hammer. Nicol picked up Best Overall too!

Thanks to all my opponents for great games and everyone that bought me a drink! Also thanks to the HPBs for putting on an awesome event. Can't wait for next year.