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02-02-2012, 22:34
I recall reading one on this forum that GW decides which books get redone/created when someone pitches them a good idea for the army. I know there would also be the books that simply get done to generate quick cash.

So my question is, how would you pitch your ideas to get your army book revised?

Personally as a Lizardmen player I'd really like the focus to go towards the jungle beasts being controlled or armored up with scientific artifacts, Dino-Riders from the 80's being my main influence. With a focus on more beasts meaning new units and models to be created and create conversion possibilities I think it could very well work.

I'd remove the fluff of the Lizardmen wanting to put the younger races in their original locations and scatter plaques instead all over the world. The belief being that once all the plaques have been covered then the Way of the Old Ones will be there for the Slann to see. I'd mention teleportation devices using the weblines that can send armies of the Saurus to anywhere within the world which would least give me a better reason for facing my friend's Wood Elf and Ogre kingdom armies.

I don't think GW are swayed into re-doing books if the army list is too powerful or underpowered but the theme and new units would be most exciting to them.

02-02-2012, 22:44
Produce a fake book and let it gain notoriety. It was interesting to find out that a couple of the "ideas" from the fake Codex: Dark Eldar April Fools a couple of years ago wound up in their latest book. Coincidence? Quite possibly. But interesting none the less.