View Full Version : New to Orcs & Goblins 2500 point list does it seem solid, or too overpowered?

02-02-2012, 21:40

I was not really anyone who thought about collecting Orcs & Goblins. I have always loved the heroes who ride dragons, griffons and other warbeasts that GW produces, so I have a large collection of them, with barely any armies to back them up. I recently realized as I was digging through some old boxes, that I had a build up of Orc and Goblins stuff, they've been in 3 of the starter sets, and I realized that none of my friends played them, so I had just thrown them all together over the years. That combined with getting bits boxes off of ebay over the past decade has left me with a rather sizable reserve of both Orcs and Goblins. So I thought, maybe I should try to make a list for the army where I incorporate as many of these big beasties in my army as possible. And, after tallying up what I had lying around, here's what I came up with.

Orc Warboss on Wyvern w/ Gold Sigil Sword & Enchanted shield - 295

Savage Orc Shaman on Wyvern Lev. 3 - 330

Black Orc Big Boss BSB on Warboar w/ War Banner - 168

Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider - 79

Goblin Shaman Lev. 2 - 90

Night Goblin Shaman Lev 2 w/ Dispel Scroll - 110

30 Orc Boyz w/ extra hand weapon & Full Command - 245 (This is most likely where the BSB will hang out)

51 Night Goblins w/ Spears, full Command, includes 1 fanatic - 205

14 Goblin Wolf Riders w/ spears & shields, Full Command - 198

10 Spider Riders w/ Spears & shields, full command - 160 (This is where the Goblin Big Boss will hang out)

23 Night Goblins w/ Short bows - 69 (this is where the Night Goblin Shaman will hang out)

50 Goblins w/ Spear & Shield, full command - 230

Arachnarok spider w/ flinger - 320

So, obviously this is pretty monster heavy, I was really excited to get 2 wyverns in a list, when I upgrade this to a 3000pt list, of course the shaman will go to 4th level, and the General will become a Black Orc, with a few more magic items. I also want to add in some black orc troops, as they are such cool models.

I have no idea how an army like this would function, and I have other troops, but I was unclear as to what was more useful than anything else. I have a bunch of Orc Arrer boyz, lots more Goblin and Night Goblin archers, Boar boyz, Boar and Wolf Chariots, and the afore mentioned Black orcs, mangler squigs, River, stone and reg trolls (not sure If I have enough for a unit of any of them though), snottlings.

I'm really looking for suggestions as to how to make an army which will work well. I'm not looking to power game anyone, I realize having 2 wyverns AND an Arachnarok seems cheesey, but I really dig having a bunch of monsters. In my opinion, that's what makes the game fun.


02-02-2012, 22:07
i would drop the sword on lord and take either the luck stone/ ironcurse icon, or even the dragon helm

03-02-2012, 00:05
I'll have to check on those tonight when I have the books in front of me. Unfortunately, my lords allotment is pretty tight (not easy fitting 2 wyverns in there).