View Full Version : Help an old Daemon out @ 2400

Your Mum Rang
03-02-2012, 18:30
Hey all! Been a while. I'm trying to get into 8th after a massive hiatus. I bought 2 batallions and here is my list so far.


Herald of Khorne: Armour of Khorne - Firestorm Blade - BSB @ 165pts
Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery - Spell Breaker @ 165pts
Herald of Slaanesh: Siren Song - Torment Blade @ 120pts

39 Bloodletters: Full Command - Icon of Endless War @ 523pts
23 Daemonettes: Full Command - Banner of Ecstasy @ 331pts
29 Horrors: Full Command - Icon of Sorcery @ 393pts


Fiend of Slaanesh @ 55pts
Fiend of Slaanesh @ 55pts
3 Fiends of Slaanesh @ 165pts

Okay. Could anyone help me with some thoughts?

- Should I take a Lord of Change/GUO?
- Should I make the Horrors 2 x 10 and not bother buying the extra 10?

Cheers in advance!