View Full Version : Help expanding Vampires to 2,500

04-02-2012, 16:10
My Vampires are in need of expansion, but I am not able to figure out where I want to go with them. To start, I'll post what I own and can get to:

1 Vlad von Carstein
1 Vampire w/ heavy armor, hand weapon, shield
2 Necromancers (have another 2 models who could be ugly Necromancers)
7 Black Knights
1 Black Knight musician
1 Black Knight standard
3 Undead Steeds w/o riders
25 Skeletons w/ hand weapons
1 Skeleton musician
1 Skeleton standard
1 Skeleton champion
New Krell
Old Krell
Nightmare Legion (24 models: 20 skeletons w/ spears, +full command, +skeleton hero)
9 random Skeletons
12 Zombies
1 Wraith
4 Giant Bats
2 Bat Swarms

I can almost get to 1,800 with:
Vampire Lord
Level 3 Wizard
Lore of Vampires
Dark Majesty
Dread Knight
Talisman of Preservation
Sword of Striking
Heavy Armor

Level 2 Wizard
Forbidden Lore
Lore of Shadows
Heavy Armor
Warrior Bane

Level 2 Wizard
Lore of Vampires
Master of the Dead

Wight King (use old Krell)

23 Skeletons
Full Command
Screaming Banner

28 Skeletons
Full Command

10 Black Knights
Full Command
Banner of the Barrows

4 Fell Bats

2 Bat Swarms

That puts me at 1689 with 110 points shy of legal Core allocation. I was thinking of adding 10 Ghouls with a ghast for a cheap 1,800 point list, but I don't know if I will stick with them past that step as am not particularly crazy about the unit in general. What I am looking for are ideas on how to expand to 2,500 points.