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05-02-2012, 18:07
Would it be feasable to have a fully mounted army that consists of the following units:

Lord of nurgle on chariot
Sorcerer of chaos with mark of Nurgle on chaos steed level 2
sorceror of chaos with mark of Nurgle on chaos steed level 1

10 Nurgle knights with FC
10 Nurgle knights with FC
10 marauder horseman with FC and mark of Nurgle and throwing axes
10 marauder horseman with FC and mark of Nurgle and throwing axes
5 chaos hounds
5 chaos hounds
5 chaos hounds
5 chaos hounds
2 chaos chariots with mark of Nurgle and scythed wheels

Hope this is ok, comments and suggestions welcome.

05-02-2012, 18:12
I havent add the total up but from that list you posted 20 marauder horsemen wont cover the 25% for core as warhounds dont count. I personally like the all mounted chaos lists and would definitely put flails on those horsemen.

05-02-2012, 18:48
so if i add another 20 marauder horseman with flails would this be ok, i am totally new to warhammer and am yet to get the rulebook, am i right in thinking 25%chars, 25% core and rare and 50% special

05-02-2012, 19:25
Which level has Sorcerer? Is he on foot? You can give him chaos steed and put with Knights. If this Sorcerer would be only one in your army, he must take Dispel Scroll as a totally minimum of magic defence.
Chariots are special choice.
Throwing axes are better than throwing spears. Less range, but higher strenght.
Generally I like mounted WoC list, they are rare on the battlefields.
Do neccesary changes, drop hounds if you will heve to and go!

06-02-2012, 05:58
now have a level 1 and a level 2 mounted sorcerer may put level 2 on chariot instead will look again after a check on points looking on doing 1500 and 2000 pt army.

06-02-2012, 13:48
Minimum of 25% Core, everything else is a maximum value. You need appx 12 loaded Horsemen per 1000 points of the army to cover Core requirements, minus a few with command models and mark of chaos.

That said, a MH is more-or-less as expensive as a CW, and the CW has higher stats in every category except Movement and Wounds... But hey, if you want a cavalry army go for it, they certainly have advantages. I suggest using your MH as bait units, sized in 5s, to draw the enemy out for your knights and chariots to charge where and when they want. You can then rally the MH and move them into position to pick on flanks or warmachines or other fragile targets.

06-02-2012, 14:42
Another suggestion you may want to consider. Knights in blocks of ten are ok, but you could proabally get away with 6 in a unit and they would still have a huge impact on what they hit, and you could field another unit. perhaps 3 units of 7 as opposed ot 2 units of ten. Gives you more options for charges and support.

06-02-2012, 14:57
I played a list with:
Sorcerer with MoT on Disc and some other stuff
4*5 Horsemen with light armor, flails, musician
8 Knights with MoT, full command, banner of rage(?)

At 1k points it did extremly well. The horsemen killed some lone characters, small units and warmachines, but i didn't expect more from them. But they are great to block or redirect your enemy.
If you want to go with MoN you would have to use unmarked sorcerers because lore of nurgle isn't that offensiv if i remember correctly. And you definitely want to soften your enemy before you get into h2h.

For larger battles I would use two or three smaller blocks of knights (6) and some more horsemen. Personaly I'm not a friend of chariots, but that is mainly because I hate the model.

Asuryan's Spear
06-02-2012, 19:06
Firstly Love the idea it would look really cool to have all the chaos horde careening around the place
However from my experience 25% on maurader horsemen is 25% wasted in your army. they drop like flies and will bounce against anything with static res.
Its a problem with 8th is that cavalry armies are harder and harder to play well as they relied so heavily on taking out the front rank in 7th. Moreover now you need at least 5x2 to negate ranks it makes it increasingly hard to build a good all cav list.
my advice would be have one big blender foot unit and everything else Cav. that way you have an anchor to work around and help those knights/chariots get the flank they really need. use Khornate marauders with GWs or Warriors with Halberds and roll up one flank with a unit of knights and you'll find things alot easier

06-02-2012, 21:46
fluffy interesting idea!

06-02-2012, 22:09
Marauder Cav can be effective... just don't expect them to survive many battles. They are way too fragile to survive multiple engagements, unless you get really lucky or something.

My 7th edition WoC army was built around Slaaneshi Marauder Cav w/ flails for core, one unit with Mark of Khorne for some heavy hitting (sadly this unit had the worst luck in the history of man, regularly failing to cause a single wound in combat when they charged...), some hounds, and Tzeentch units for Warriors/Chosen/Knights. Always loved the Hellcannon, so I have one in my list all the time. More recently added a small unit of Trolls w/ Throgg for variety. It worked out reasonably well back then, I probably had a 60/40 win-loss record (played more tournament games than anything with that army).

Now that ye olde 7th edition wipe the front rank tactics are gone (you can always fight back as long as you have models remaining when it's your turn to swing), Marauder Cav are definitely even more fragile than ever. They used to face a small number of attacks, now they face the full bucket of dice your opponent can bring to each fight. You simply can't throw them at the front of any respectable unit and expect anything good to happen anymore.

Overall, I think the army is doable, but probably won't be a beater of face in competitive circles. That's really not a bad thing, unless you only intend to play in said competitive circles on a weekly basis :D

The more I think about it, the more I think Wulfrik could be an interesting addition to your army. Give him one unit of infantry to lead, and they will "ambush" your enemy a couple turns into the game. With rank bonuses being hard to come by in this style of list, it might help you break pesky steadfast units later in the game. He will also help you use up your minimum core requirements, without just taking dozens and dozens of squishy cavalry.

As for unit sizes... 7 is the magic number for Nurgle and happens to be a decent number for Chaos Knight sizes. 21 is also a reasonable number for Chaos Warriors if you want them to accompany Wulfrik. 3x7 for max damage, but 5- or 6-wide is fine as well for a little extra rank bonus.