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24-04-2006, 16:42
Hey guys,I ordered a cadian upgrade pack from forge world awhile back and I was not very inpressed with the quality ,mostly the small stuff like the hands and weapons,they just seemed to be clumps of resin,and i just ordered a Dreadnought from them and was wondering if anyone has had any issues with any of the larger models?


24-04-2006, 16:50
Get in touch with them and send pics. Their quality control is generally pretty good, but sometimes stuff gets missed. Get in touch, be nice, send pics and they're pretty good about sorting it out.:D

24-04-2006, 17:19
Yeah ive ordered a fair few bits, not had a problem, Although my tech preist had a gigantic flash halo...

24-04-2006, 17:26
I've actually noticed that the models that i bought recently are better quality.

24-04-2006, 18:25
iv had a few bad models sent by fw, jus phone them up and pray they beleive u

24-04-2006, 19:26
I've ordered several bits and models from FW, and never had any problems. Some of the smaller resin parts take careful handling though when you're cleaning them up.

24-04-2006, 20:09
Being as dumb as i am i didnt notice thw messed up pieses until i had almost all of them used and got the the plasma pistol and power sword.I'm just hoping my New CC Dread is up to par..he's supposed to be the center piece of my new army.

24-04-2006, 20:11
iv had a few bad models sent by fw, jus phone them up and pray they beleive u

They dont have a choice, they either have to take you at your word and send replacement parts, or they have to refund you the postage cost to send them the damaged parts for inspection. If they try and tell you anything else, just make it clear you're not in the mood and you know exactly what your rights are.

Saying that, Ive never had a problem with them, and I've never met anyone outside of the internet that has.

24-04-2006, 20:13
I've heard excellent reviews of their service and only a miniscule minority who have had complaints about it.

Overlord Krycis
24-04-2006, 20:13
Bought a Black legion Dread a while back and it had a wacking great big bubble in the middle of the face. Tooks some pics of it, contacted FW and they sent a new one cos the face was so baddly damaged...they are nice people.

24-04-2006, 20:31
hmm.. what should I do?? I bought a fw dread from someone, and there a bubbles.. Should I contact the person I bought it from, and have them talk to forgeworld?

24-04-2006, 21:10
If you didn't buy it direct from FW then contact the person that you bought it from. Your contract is with the seller not the menufacturer.

On general FW quality I have tons of FW stuff and have had a few minor issues and one major mismould. In every case I contacted FW and sent pictures and they have offered replacement at no cost (and you keep the damaged one) or full refund.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
24-04-2006, 21:15
I've not bought a great deal of Forgeworld gubbins, but I've never had a problem.

Interestingly, most complaints about warping and that come from Overseas (to Britain) which suggests it could be happening during shipping.

25-04-2006, 03:44
Being in Australia, I also only have praise for forgeworld and its staff.

Ive had only minor issues out of a massive ammount of purchases, ranging from small kits like rhino doors (minor warpage, other wise all good), to elysians (all good, fragile though), to a hierophant (perfection).
Ive brought ia books - they turn up in better condition then my black library orders.
And ive only ever had 1 broken item (medusa gun sheild) turn up and the issue was resolved with one email.

Hopefully my red scorpion stuff is as good as their other products.

25-04-2006, 05:25
When I ordered the Cadian upgrade bits, they were in the wrong scale completely! The heads looked looked like they belonged on LotR figures!

25-04-2006, 06:24
I ordered three sets of CSM rhino armor and two chimera hatches. All five kits were bad. The two chimera doors shrank 1/8" and didnt even come close to fitting the plastic kit. All the door frame sections of the reinforced and spaced rhino kits were completely warped and also shrank. They looked something like this - )_( instead of [ ] FW was more than happy to send me relacement parts at no cost.

25-04-2006, 08:55
Good to hear their customer service is up to the usual standards of GW. I'm considering getting into 40k with some guard, and those cadian upgrade kits are mighty fine, but i was a bit wary about the quality.

25-04-2006, 14:17
When I ordered the Cadian upgrade bits, they were in the wrong scale completely! The heads looked looked like they belonged on LotR figures!

I had a similar experience with my cadian stuff,except I found that it was just teh arms,everything else,with teh exception of the few small bits like the sword and pistol were fine,I dound the heads to be excellent,hopefull teh dread and the commander culln models will be better.

25-04-2006, 17:55
Although I've never had a problem so far from Forgeworld or GW, under UK direct selling laws they must provide a replacement for products with manufacturing faults if you report it within 2 weeks of shipping or signing for delivery. I assume the law still applies to them if you are not in the UK. I could be wrong though.